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Revility's Sytlish Richter Hack

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My Crimson Stylish Richter Hack v (2.5/3)

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Akumajou Dracula Legends Original

Akumajou Dracula Legends KY-RA Hack

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Schoolvania Hack

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Castlevania 2 - Simon's Guest Hack

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Castlevania Blue Richter Modification v (.93/1)

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Castlevania Blue Richter Alt Modification v (.93/1)

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My Castlevania Crimson Richter Alt Modification v (.93/1)

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My Castlevania Crimson Richter Modification v (.93/1)

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Morgoth's Castlevania Poisonous Offering Hack V1.1

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Aria of Sorrow Unmodified

Dan's Symphony of the Night enemy translation for Aria of Sorrow V1.7

Includes AOS translation and spelling corrections with & Without the SOTN translation.

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Ronginus' Spear -> Longinus' Spear
Cutall -> Katar
Tall Hammer -> Thor's Hammer
Gungner -> Gungnir
Partizan -> Partisan
Sherman Ring -> Shaman Ring
Baselard -> Basilard


Axe Armor -> Axe Knight
Skull Archer -> Bone Archer
Skeleton Knight -> Bone Scimitar
Rock Armor -> Rock Knight
Giant Ghost -> Skull Lord
Winged Skeleton -> Winged Guard
Killer Doll -> Marionette
Nemesis -> Hunter Girl
Witch -> Salome
Curly -> Khali
Dead Warrior -> Valhalla Knight
Disc Armor -> Discus Lord
Bomber Armor -> Bomb Knight
Une -> Thornweed
Alura Une -> Venus Weed
Biphron -> Lossoth
Skull Millione -> Scarmiglione
Lubicant -> Rubicant

--In the menu--

Soul Set - Change spirit's equipment. -> Change Soul Sets.
Ability - Switch the spirit to "Ability Type". -> Switch "Ability Type" souls

--In Enemy descriptions--

Wood Golem, Golem, Big Golem, Flesh Golem, Iron Golem:
Fixed "man-llike" in all these descriptions.

Dead Warrior/Valhalla Knight:
"The horse-riding ghost of a dead samurai warrior."
"Undead knight who eternally seeks combat."

Alura Une/Venus Weed:
"An Une raised on warm blood."
"Watered with human blood."

--In Item descriptions--

"Short sword for stabbing."
"Indian punching-dagger."

"No-descript sword."
"Non-descript sword."

--In Soul descriptions--

Zombie Officer:
"Jumping while taking damage restores health."
"Press jump to regain control when knocked back."

Changed "lid-jump" to "mid-jump".

Aria of Sorrow Julius Unmodified

My Aria of Sorrow Blue Richter Hack

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