First I have to thank you for the
chance to interview you!
You're welcome.
Tell me something about the history
of 1349: Who are the members?
what did you release?
1349 was formed in 1997, we have recorded 2 demo's a minicd and the 
full-length album "Liberation"
1349 consists of :
Ravn - Vocals, Frost - Drums, Archaon - Guitars, Tjalve- Guitars, and 
myself, Seidemann - Bass
What does 1349 mean?
1349 was the year the Black Death, a bubonic plague, came to Norway.
What do you think about political
messages in lyrics?
Depends on the song and the lyric. And of course upon the band. Rage 
Against the Machine may do it and it'll work, but it's not suitable for 
Do you think satanism has to be
one with Black Metal ?
Would you say, that you are a
satanist, if yes how would you
define satanism?
I define satanism as extreme individuality, and am a satanist as such.
What do you think about following
Cradle Of Filth
haven't heard them since "the principle of evil made flesh". not 
Dimmu Borgir
haven't heard them for a long while. They're skilled, but not my cup of 
Excellent band, looking forward to hear their new album.
A classic band, I really enjoy his first albums (including the 3 first 
songs on filosofem), but his later works have been all bollocks.
Graveland (if you know them)
nope, don't know them.
Thanks for answering the questions
in the last lines you can write
whatever you want:
Hell awaits!
(Interview by damned-child)