Tell me a little bit of the Armagedda History 
Armagedda was born in early 2000. We have released 2 cassettes, 2 EPs and one 
full-lenght album.

Why have you changed your Name from Völkermord to Armagedda ?
Volkermord was only a temporary name. Armagedda is from the Bible and is the 
valley where armageddon will come to pass Also known as "Jehova´s Hell"

What is the current line Up ?

A - Guitar & Graav - Vocals, Guitar

Which things do you write in your Lyrics ?
Religious topics, Satanism, Anti-life, Negativity....

I have heard that you will release a new album in June. What can you say about it ?

I would say the new album has alot better production and have a perfect black feeling.
This album should be taken 100 % seriously (as all of our other releases) since it is
a religious creation in an inverted visual angle.

On which Label are you now, and how is the Work together ?

We are working with Drakkar Productions and it have so far been working good.

You got really good Reviews to your last Recording " The final..". What do 
you think about it ?

Im very suprised since the album was not really ment to be an album and the 
production is awful.

Have you ever played live, or ist it planned to give a concert ?

We have played in Germany, Belgium & Holland in the year of 2002 and we are not 
planning to do any more shows.

What do you think ist the main Meaning of Black Metal ?

The foundation is the divine negativity, the boundless black void. 
Black Metal is our horned god´s way to infect the world with great despair.

Where do you get your musically influences from ?
Darkthrone, Bathory, Burzum etc

Which bands are you listening or support ?
I support bands that has something decent to show, something that i found 

My personal favorite albums are many of the old norweigan releases. 
To name a few other bands that pay me attention is, Raison Detre, Umbra, 

What is your opinion about the so called NSBM - "Trend" ?
I have no opinion, we don´t care about trends since we are not involved in any.
Black Metal and politics can not be mixed.

Do you have any religios Ideologies in the Band ?


How is the "Scene" in your Area ?

I don´t know, im surrounded by woods

What will the Futur bring ?

World chaos

Last Vomitwords ?

Second thrash black attack out the 13th of June, contact Drakkar Productions for 
more info