Thanx for cooperation!
No problem- Sorry if I've delayed with answers a bit-

First let us know how long are you into black metal and the scene?
What is it, the test of trustworthiness? Well, we recorded our first demo 
in 1995, that's quite enough to make up some conclusions if somebody so 
wants that.

Were you a member in Draugwath?
Hm, how have you learnt it? It's supposed to be a closely guarded secret- 
To be serious the question is incorrect in essence. Draugwath was just 
the pre-formation of Blackdeath. Though, though- On the one hand Blackdeath 
is not what Draugwath was, on the other hand Blackdeath continues Draugwath-

Are you involved in Hungry AK-47 Prods.?

For this time being it is not a "production", but "distribution" only- HAK-47
produced some tapes long ago. It would be good to release CD's, but I see that
here in Russia it will be nothing but material losses- Here mostly people prefer
cassettes or cheap pirate CD's or CD-R's- As for vinyl the matter is much worse.

If so, there were threats that you and Kaldrat of Branikald became some 

HAK-47 have distributed their demo for some time, then stopped. The only trouble
was that these guys being drunken phoned to Para Bellum in the night, and he
couldn't understand what they wanted. I think they themselves didn't know it- But
it was very long ago. The person who still exaggerates this ordinary and bygone
episode might suffer from the inferiority complex- Or I don't know what's the matter-
Anyhow you should stop collecting gossip, otherwise your mag will turn from "black"
into "yellow"-

Are you in contact with members of Blazebirth Hall?

Me and Para Bellum met them about a year ago. And there isn't any need in other

Are you following your own style of black metal or are there bands which
influenced you?

Of course we were influenced by some bands, and these influences can be heard
in our works. I myself is trying to create some original parts, and I'm glad that
some people admit I've managed in it. But in general I don't pretend to the 
invention of my own style- I prefer an orthodox way.

Your new album Fucking Fullmoon Foundation where released this year but Saturn
Sector where recorded in 1998. Why this big break, personal problems? Any musical

In fact Fucking Fullmoon Foundation was released the past year, I mean 
the CD version. Yes, there were some problems, but who cares? Musically Fucking 
Fullmoon Foundation differs from Saturn Sector, all the listeners can hear that 
clearly- But I myself wouldn't identify this difference as some kind of development.

How are your views about the Russian black metal scene?

The Russian black metal scene is out of my view.

What is your opinion about so called NS black metal or racial views/anti-Semitic
threats in black metal?

They are not black metal by definition, that's the matter. Sometimes it turns really
not serious, for example I can't understand how people can use both corpse-paint and
swastikas. By the way "NS white metal" doesn't sound very good, if we wish to stick
a "correct" label on them- Anyhow to each their own. Some NS bands are very good in
the musical point, I cannot but admit this. In general I'm tolerant towards this
movement in spite of this contradictory mark "NS black" even- But I'm intolerant
when Blackdeath is called "NSBM" band. That's total bullshit.

Do you have any racial views?

Yeah- But they have nothing common with my musical activity I must emphasize once
again. And I don't consider Russians to the supreme nation, believe me. Sometimes I
even think that most of Slavs are just cattle- That is because in a certain sense my
racial views are the part of my aesthetic views- And that's why my views don't
concern women mostly. I think a woman has neither race nor nationality. Just a matter
of taste. As for me I don't like black women at all just as I don't like fat women.
But there are very nice Jewish girls- You see, I don't care about these 14 words-
But I believe that Turkish will never become the official language of Germany!

Are there NS tendencies in Blackdeath?

Blackdeath is NOT a political band.

What's your opinion of other black metal scenes like the Norwegian, the German
and the Polish movement?

I think that the scenes in Germany and Poland (also I would add to them France and
perhaps USA) are much stronger than that of Norway. Of course there are good
Norwegian bands, but it can hardly be said they present a scene. Yeah, Norway is a
"sore point" now and Polish, German and French scenes are foundation of the European

Which black metal bands you could listen all the time, or have you any favors
among other music genres?

Oh, I couldn't listen to any band all the time, in this case even the best music can
get boring I think- I don't listen so much. But apart from black metal I can listen
to some electronics, ambient, though I don't like noise- And I totally dislike gothic
moaners. Piss on them.

How is the work with ISO666 Prods, for me it seems to be a serious label.

It's a serious label indeed, though there were minor slips in our cooperation- But
they aren't worth to be mentioned. I like most of the bands which Leonidas releases,
as for others maybe I'm too subjective-

When can we expect new stuff of Blackdeath?

We are going to record our new material, but nothing is definite still- 
The planned title of our new album is "Satan macht frei".

At last do you want to say some words to the readers and fans?

Nothing new- Do what thou wilt.