1.) Tell me something about Craft's lyrics! Is there a lyrical concept
behind your music? What are your lyrics about?

The next album will explain it all, and all confusion will go away. Our
lyrics are always about anti-cosmic subjects.

2.) Tell me something about the history of Craft!
We have released one demo and two albums ("Total Soul Rape", and "Terror
Propaganda"). Daniel and I started the band in 1994, but we didn't get
anything of importance done until 1999. We've had a couple of other band
members before but there is nothing to mention about them. Currently we are:
Joakim - guitar, John - guitar, Daniel - drums and Nox - vocals. We have no
bassist at the moment, but we have offered the position to another person
here in Sweden and we hope it will work out. But first we have to record the
new album before we can look into that any further.

3.) Why did you decide to sign by Selbstmord Services ? How do you came in
contact with them 

Selbstmord Services called me up one evening a few months after we had
released our first album, and offered us a deal which was better than the
one we had, so we eventually signed. We never contacted any labels, we didn'
t really care at the time.

4.) When can we expect the "third black metal attack" ? Or are there plans
for other releases ? Will it be released via Selbstmord Services ?

No, it will be released on the Swedish label Carnal Records, which released
our demo in 1999. We also have recorded a split 7-inch together with
Arckanum, but we don't know when that will be out. It has been delayed, and
both Arckanum and ourselves have more important things to focus on right

5.) When did you started being into Black Metal and making music?
We got into black metal in the early 90'ies. I have been making and
listening to music even before I was interested in black metal.

6.) Will there be a chance to see Craft playing live in the future?
That's possible. If we can go on a tour which is not poorly arranged and
does not involve sleeping on floors in unknown people's apartments, then we
would think about it. Still there are matters of rehearsal locations and
boring stuff like that which is unresolved at the moment, so it will take
some more time before anything happens. We have been offered to play live
quite a few times but we have so far been forced to turn them down because
of this.

7.) What's the meaning of 'Terror Propaganda'? Why did you chose this name?
It's because the album is the terror propaganda of ourselves. It's like a
fuck off to all the hippies and Yahweh-praising idiots all over. I guess you
're looking to see if we are inspired by the bombing of the WTC. The answer
is NO!

8.) The Front Cover of "Terror Propaganda" looks a bit like Darkthrone's
"Transilvanien Hunger" and your musical is like Darkthrone's. So, is
Darkthrone one of the bands which influenced you ? Are there other bands
which had influence to you ?

Yes, Darkthrone was an influence from when we started out. I will not name
any influences, but innovative music (for the bands' time respectively, of
course) is always listened to with interest. We get inspiration from every
great record we have ever heard, consciously or not. We didn't really expect
every interview to have a question about this though.

9.) In the german and polish black metal scene are many NS-BlackMetalbands.
Do you think that the NS ideology has something similar with black metal?
For example your label used a modified version of the 3rd Reich's eagle with
a pentagram instead of a swastika and you and you label use political words
like "Propaganda". Do you think politics have something to do with Black
Metal ?

I believe everything can be expressed as politics. However, I don't take
interest in the politics of current society, because I think what everyone
say is a fucking load of fyrtiosjuor. Cosmic whores that deserve death in
one way or another, it has nothing to do with us. We're above/below that,
depending on who's saying. We don't want to mix ourselves up in society too
much because it is equal to imprisonment and you are all slaves to it. I
only dedicate myself to my Satanic will, and if that requires me being
involved in politics somehow, I will do it, but not otherwise. We use
"offensive" symbols, words and other things, only to draw attention to our
message, because our cause needs it. Extremism filters away some of the
people who are too useless and weak for the cause anyway.

10.) What do you think about the scene in Sweden?
Those that know me know whether I support them or not, so there's no need to
go into any further details. I try to know as little as possible of it these

11.) What do you think about the future developments in the scene. Will
there be more commercial bands or more "old school" bands ?
I don't know.

12.) How important is merchandise like t-shirts for you?
Not very. I just want T-shirts to be printed so that I can get a Craft
T-shirt of my own, and that's it. I think the others would agree. But we
have three different T-shirts available from Shadow Records and Selbstmord
Services. Don't know anything about any availability. The Shadow Records
version is the best, as we designed it ourselves.

13.) How can I imagine me your process of making music? When do you write
lyrics? What influences you?

Most often I write lyrics and music completely separate from each other.
When I write music I focus only on the melodies and the atmosphere of it
all. While writing lyrics I focus on writing a good text that could also be
used in other situations apart from Craft. I then start to fit them
together, and start looking at which text goes best with which track, and so
on. Music is not a big deal to write for me. Almost all the best songs I've
written have been written in no time, and without analysing and perfecting
too much. If a song doesn't "write itself" it is probably not any good
anyway, that's how I see it. I don't see the point in trying to write
"better" music than what comes naturally.

14.) Are you interested in Nordic mythology?
Yes, and especially in the magic.

15.) What do you do when you don't make music?
I work with The Temple that we have up here in Sweden, which is a magical
order working with Norse black magic mostly, however is not limited to it. I
also do things that ordinary mortals do, like eating and sleeping.

16.) Which band/music do you listen to ?
I don't listen much to music anymore, but I can name a few bands I've
listened to during these last weeks. Deathspell Omega, Ofermod, Venom,
Entombed, Abigor, Dissection, Holy Moses. They are all good bands of course,
or I wouldn't have listened to it.

17.) What do you think about the german black metal scene? Do you
know/listen to any german bands ?

Yeah, for black metal I'll say Katharsis. I'm too tired to come up with any
more German bands right now.

18.) What do you think about burning down a church like Varg Vikernes did or
many other people? Is it effective ? What's your general opinion about
crimes against Christians or their buildings?

I support it 100 percent. My general opinion about crime, period, is that
everyone does what they Will. I have no problems or issues with crime at
all, because crime is a result of Laws, which I do not approve of in the
first place. So if there are no laws, there can actually be no crime.

19.) Do you think Satanism is important for blackmetal ? Would you call
yourself a Satanist ?

I have stopped caring about the black metal type of Satanism. I am a
Satanist, yes. But I would also require more from another Satanist than just
listening to black metal and ranting pointless blasphemy all day long. A
will to progress and gain knowledge and power, and to serve the anti-cosmic
gods is the key to everything. I also believe practical rituals and/or magic
is necessary, because without it, there is no religion called Satanism -
only a distortion of already explored systems, and sometimes even atheistic
heresy. The path of The Anti-cosmic lie in the hidden and unknown, so no
progress can be made without exploration. And without the magic, there can
be no real knowledge.

20.) Call me your five favourite albums ?
These are not my five favourite albums, but five great ones: Black Sabbath
'S/T', 3rd & the Mortal "Tears Laid in Earth", Darkthrone "A Blaze in the
Northern Sky", Burzum 'S/T', Mayhem "De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas". The top 5
cannot be chosen, because there is simply too much in existence. I also have
favourites from other genres, but there would be little point to mention
those in a metal magazine.

21.) Can you describe Craft's music style?
Black Metal! Pure and simple.

22.) Thanks for answering the question! In the last lines you can write
whatever you want!