First thanks for the interview!

No problem dude.



What happend after the dead of Somnium?

We took three week break from everything (except that we did play on his

memorial show) and then we started to talk about new album and about finding

a new guitarist. Arc v 666 said letīs try out Tuomio (who happnes to work on

same place as I and Arc do). We went to rehearsals with him, and after

playing a couple of tunes we said: Welcome to the insane asylum that is

I.N.!!! Once we had him in the band, we started to rehearse and compose like

no tomorrow and finally entered Astia studio in the beginning of July 2003.



Some people said that your statements are political

incorect what do think about this guys?

All politically correct people can fuck right off!!!!



Are there any plans of a 'all that you fear' tour?

We will have short European headlining tour in February/march 2004. Before

and after that, we will be doing one-off weekend shows around Europe and we

try to get as many festivals as possible for the summer 2004. Lots of things

are planned but since they are not 666% sure yet, I wonīt go further into




In one interview i read that you are not against a  nuclear war, what's the

thought behind this statement.

what's good when there's a nuclear war.

Well, nuclear war in the middle east would solve a lot of problems. Mark

my words, we will have civil war in Europe, donīt know when, but it will be

fought between muslims and real Europeans for sure. All the sings are there.



The song "Armageddon Death Squad" from the new album

is very melodic and sounds a little bit like in flames  (guitar) and the

voice sounds a bit like Slayer will the  whole album be so?

Hahahaha. In Flames my ass!!! That song is definitely old thrash

influenced, not any Gothenburg gay metal shit like you try to imply. No,

A.D.S. is not like the whole album is, there is lots of variety, from the

fast and brutal black metal of Halo Of Flies to the heavy metal of All That

You fear.



Your lyrics are full of satanic statements. what do you

think is the definition of a satanist?

I donīt think there is a definite definition of satanist. Satanism is free

will, individual thinking for me. I rather call myself nihilist than

satanist as I believe in nothing but death. If people want to be running

around and calling themselves satanists, then whatever.



I know you said 10 years ago thinks like "I hate norwegian black metal" and

I know that you don't think

so, now. my questions is: do you have any contacts to norwegian bands`?

We know guys from Zyklon, Ensalved and Mayhem personally.



Do you know any german black metal bands?

I have heard a few. Unfortunately.



What do you do when you don't work with Impaled Nazarene (hobbie, work...)?

Four of us work fulltime shit jobs, one of us studies at university and

works at record store from time to time.



Which (kind) music do you listen to in your free time ?

The Exploited, Venom, Sodom, Kreator, Violent Force, Slayer, Dark Angel,

Death, Driller Killer etc etc



Are there any plans for the future of impaled nazarene?

Like I said, we will be playing a lot of shows so I hope to see you guys

on the road.



Thanks for the interview

in the last line you can write whatever you want:

Drink vodka and fuck the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!