First I have to thank you for the interview!

That’s ok and thank you for take your time on Khold



You toured with Satyricon, was that a great experience for you

and how was the mood at the concerts?

Its good to play for people that are into Khold.

Its also ok to travel. If the crowd is ok we get in a good mood on stage.

Of course some nights are better than others.



Can you introduce you to the people who doesn't know Khold?

When was Khold formed? Who plays the instruments?

What did you release?

Khold was formed in 2000.






We released:  Masterpiss of pain 2001 and Phantom 2002



Please describe Khold's style? With which bands would

you compare Khold? Are there any influences of other (black)-metal

bands you listen to?

We are a very heavy, groovey black metal band. Dark and cold.

I feel and I have often heard that we have our own style of music.

Influences are of course bands we have listen to over many years, like..

slayer, mayhem, darkthrone, celtic frost, death, obituary and more



Do you have ever listen to a german Black Metal band? Which band?




Do you think Satanism and Black Metal have to be one?

No, if the band sounds black metal they are a black metal band even if they

are into satan or not.



What do you think about mainstream black metal bands like Dimmu Borgir

or Cradle Of Filth? Did they change their style to become more popular?

No, I know the people in both bands since I have been on tour with both


I think they just play the music they want to play.

And I dont think they have change they style so much, its just a natural




Say what you think about the following things or bands?


a) God

he makes people sick.


b) Satan

something the christians must have to put the blame on when things go wrong


c) Burzum



d) La Vey

I know he has writen a book but I dont know anything more.



Are there any plans for a new release?

Yes new album early next year. Are in the studio now.

And we have done a musicvideo for a new song called "død"



What do you do when you don't make music?

doing interviews.



Thanks for answering the questions! In the last lines you can write


you want to?

we have a website:  we will hopefully update this site very


Its also good to get mail from the people that are into our music.

Maybe your favorite song or whatever.