Hail to you, whats up with Krieg now ?
Right now we are preparing to go out with Noctuary for a few live dates 
on the west coast of the United States and possibly Mexico. I am also 
busy preparing the new full length "The Black House" for release and I've 
begun writing tracks for the next full length which will be recorded again in 
Germania this winter.

You play very apocalyptic musik, tell me, where do you get you 
influecen from ?
My soul is a constant dynamic, always fighting itself and it's surrondings. 
I cannot find true peace or even really a consistant form of happiness. 
My music reflects this constant turmoil, which is why it's always changing 
shape-not stagnating. Musically I also draw influence from Beherit, Archgoat,
Darkthrone, Forgotten Woods, Black Crucifixion, Treblinka, The Velvet 
Underground etc...I have a wide range as far as vision and taste.

What about your new Album ?
"The Black House" is a conceptual album based upon nightmares which 
have stayed with me and grown as I have grown from childhood to adulthood. 
It is a manner of exorcising demons that have dwelled within me as a fungus 
grows on a decaying tree. It was recorded in early January 2003 in Nuremburg 
Germany with the assistance of three chosen brethen to help me complete my 
vision. It will surprise many expecting another ritual of destruction I am sure. 
The CD will be released shortly on Red Stream Records and it looks as though 
Darklands will be handling the LP version.

Could you describe some of your releases ?
Each is a different flesh canvas, covered in scars and wounds from very 
different traumas. They have healed in their own manner, but the flesh which it 
was painted/tainted upon still bears marks of each memory.

Do you have a Label now ? 
Not sure if you mean for Krieg or as myself so I'll answer as both. Krieg has 
been with Red Stream Records for close to two years now and I've no complaints 
about this fine label. I have also worked with great labels such as Sombre, 
Painiac, Warhammer, Hiberica, Darklands and Regimental Records and theres 
no complaints with any of them. As for myself, I currently run Blood Fire Death 
Records as a sub-endeavor of Red Stream. We've released work from Lugubrum, 
Pest (fin), Debauchery, Xasthur, Sarcophagus and have many more in the works 
right now.

How is ist for you to play live, and how is the Live-Line Up ?
It has become quite addicting as I truly feed from my disgust and anger from 
life and purge myself with each violent performance. I've worked with several 
lineups live and only had problems with a few individuals as far as their awareness.

How is the main Line Up ?
I'm fine.

Do you have side-Projects ?
Weltmacht, which just released our second album "And to Every Beast Its Prey" 
on No Colours Records is my second band, but not a "side project" by any means, 
rather a different outlet to express ideas. I also am very busy with Nest, which has 
been my black ambient band since 1996, though none of the recordings have been 
fit for public consumption.

I heard once, that many people donīt like what you do ? How do you see this?
A pack of sorry cunts whom bore me.

How is the "scene" in the USA ?
As good as the rest of the world, take that how you will....

How do you see the developing Black Metal Tend ?
I dont see a trend anymore, more subtrends within BM though, as the war metal and 
depressive BM seems to be popping up all over the place. Also a love for the Japanese 
Sabbat is predominant these days but nothing concerns me as it's all as waves in the ocean.

What are your political believes. On your Page I can see you with a shirt with a 
Swastica on it. Why that ?
Because I support Spear of Longinus (the band whose shirt I am wearing) As far as politics 
go, I'm quite disgusted with life afirmation but I always enjoy hearing pain and intolerance 
caused towards ALL races.

Do you support the NSBM ?
Certain bands...I dont care about procreating to save the white race but I think it would be 
a good idea to reopen to the world Germany's famed Jewish Vacation Centers.

What are your Ideologies in Black Metal ?
Worship hatred, strength, anger, sadness, and most of all DEATH & DECAY

How do you see the Underground ?
I see some improvement overall, lots of decent demos out there and I'm a big supporter of the
mass of vinyl releases though the limiting of certain pieces to such extremely low numbers is frustrating.

Thanks for the Interview. Any last Words ?