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When did you start your project Rutthna?

I started making and recording the songs in the spring of 2003



Is it an one man band or are there any other Rutthna members?

If there are other members: who plays which instrument?

On this recording i played and recorded everything myself but hopefully another guy will do the drums on

the next release. He is a god friend of mine and a very skilled drummer. I also just want to concentrate

on the guitar, bass and vocals as i already play drums in Thyrfing



Did you release something before "Decomposing Eve"?

No. Not with Rutthna



what's the meaning of Rutthna?

Rutthna (without the h) means rot in Swedish. Rutthna is like a cheap therapy session. Releasing

some anger upon modern life and it’s structures which I am forced to be part of. It’s just some healthy

self loathing and hate towards human stupidity



do you plan any new Rutthna releases?

Yes. I am planning to compose another 4 or 5 songs and release them together with the songs on

"Decomposing Eve" It might be released by a label or as another demo. It doesn’t really matter as long

as I enjoy the songs myself. I think it’s economical suicide for a label to release music like this




do Rutthna have a website or are there any plans for one?

Not yet. I have asked Patrik of Thyrfing who is the master of that kind shit to make one for me. A simple

website just for downloading the songs or something like that



with which band would you compare Rutthna?.

gah...bllaaa...I don’t know...Hard question...Eminem maybe! I leave the comparing to you if its OK.



how can people get your demo CD "Decomposing Eve" ?

Send 4€ to the following address


Joakim Kristensson

Myggdalsvägen 98

135 43 Tyresö




Can you tell me something about the lyrics?

I only know the song titles "The Fifth Angel"

and "Evolution's End", but i wasn't able to

understand the lyrics.

"The fifth angel" is inspired by the book of revelations. The fifth angel is one of seven angels who where

sent here to bring damnation upon us. He was sent to earth to torture mankind. To torture those without

the seal of god.

"Evolution’s end" deals with disease, the plague if you wish. The plague in the form of a godlike person

created for the purpose of depopulating and helping nature prevail



Now a maybe difficult question: What's your favorite genre of Metal

Viking-Metal like you play with Thyrfing or Black Metal like Rutthna?

I haven´t heard that many so called Vikingmetalbands exept for Enslaved so the answer is Blackmetal.

But if Thyrfing is considerd to be a Vikingmetalband and i had to choose between Thyrfing and Rutthna

the choice is obvious. Thyrfing is a big part of my heart and the guys in the band are good friends of

mine so i guess i´ll have to change my answer to Vikingmetal then...haha



Will there be a chance to see Rutthna live at a concert or is this


Probably not but you’ll never know.



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