I heard that you stopped working with Shining. Is that true ? And 
if it's true, will it be temporary or for all times ? What's the reasons 
for this decision ? Do you planed some other projects? 

At this very present, now that we’ve completed our fourth album we have 
all come to the conclusion, or well, I have come to the conclusion to be 
honest with you, that there isn’t either time nor motivation for the 
continuation of SHINING. There has been way too much things working against 
us since the very first album which have been out of this world really, and 
without the proper results we strive for, such as the destruction of at 
least a minor scale of fans, has not been achieved I have to focus on more 
efficient targets. I am not involved with any other bands either, but I have 
been asked to participate as the singer of two rather well-known Norwegian 
bands which I to a certain extent do respect, so maybe Kvarforth will return 
within these realms sooner or later, though nothing is for sure yet, thus, we 
just have to wait and see. But trust me, if happens that SHINING would return 
it would be grandeur and massive! 

What do you think about the development of the black metal scene ? Are there 
too many commercial Bands like dimmu borgir? 

I do not care at all about the so called scene. Though, to make things straight 
once and for all, I do not oppose commercialism, not at all really. The main aim 
for SHINING was to make it really, really big, and to some extent we succeeded by 
becoming one of the biggest Black Metal bands there is, yet, not really, and mostly 
because of the labels we’ve chosen to work together with I think who make nothing 
but empty promises and so forth. Dimmu Borgir I do respect for what they’ve achieved 
even though their music is crap and their ideology is nothing but empty air for me. 
Dimmu Borgir is not a Black Metal band, so I cannot really understand why all keep 
of hassling about them, you know, they are clowns and do not deserve what you 
bullet-belt-wearing mongoloids label as attention, don’t you have far more higher 
goals than complaining about a bunch of ugly Norwegians with too much hippie values 
going up their noses?

Can you tell me something about new Selbstmord service releases ? Are there 
any planes ? 

Of course, this year has been somewhat of a success for me personally with the 
release of the brilliant albums by ONDSKAPT and BLOODLINE, and we are closing this 
year by releasing the long-awaited full-length album of our American suicide-machine 
KROHM, ”A World Through Dead Eyes” which will for sure be the best Selbstmord release 
yet, and probabaly for many years to come as well, it is the perfect soundtrack to 
ending your pitiful life, watch out! We are also releasing together with this a sort 
of compilation album by ZAVORASH in order to promote their full-length release 
”Nihilistic Ascension And Spiritual Death” which will be released early next year! 
Also coming next year are the debut album of EIKIND, entitled ”Fucking Ratfest”, 
fourty minutes of old-schooled Black Metal! The second album of ONDSKAPT, ”Feeding 
The Flames”, the second, yet untitled album of KROHM. The second, also yet untitled 
album of BLOODLINE and the solo-album of Hell-commander NATTEFROST entitled 
”Blood And Vomit”. Next year will be what moves Selbstmord 
Services into a broader spotlight for sure. 

Why did you cancel the "razors over europe" tour with craft and bloodline? 
It was never supposed to be with CRAFT, but with BLOODLINE and URGEHAL as support. 
There are many reasons and both me and Filip, the organiser, have decided to keep 
things unofficial regarding the matter from now on.

Did you ever listen to a german black metal? if yes, which band? 
I liked that band called SILEXATER, and BETHLEHEM is of course my all time favourite 
band, even though they might not be labelled as Black Metal. But apart from that there 
is just shit coming from Germany. 

When did you start playing black metal?
I gave birth to SHINING in 1996, and did play in another band two years prior to this, 
so since 1994. 

Do you think that black metal is more than a music genre maybe a philosophy of life 
or something like that? 

Black Metal is more of a joke really, you know, there is 99% clowns running around with 
inverted crosses knowing shit about what they re talking about so it has all turned into 
one hell of a big bad joke. I know there are people seeing this from other points of views 
but it really does not bother me, I even tried to distance SHINING from Black Metal with 
he third album labelling our music as Black N’ Roll since I wish not to be associated with 
Mongoloid mentality of idiots pretending to be evil in front of message boards all of this 
stinking planet all day long. I know there are serious individuals as well in the scene 
and they do have my respect but Black Metal in general, no, there are far more evil things 
in this world you know, even in music, just look at hiphop for instance, where we have 100 
kilos gangster Niger’s dictating about raping your father, penetrating your sister and 
killing your dog still managing to maintain on the big market with small warnings on the front 
covers of bad influential lyrics etc. These records are in almost every brats record 
collection, be them 10 or 20 years old, hearing this propaganda of violence and crime all 
day long, and still with the support of their loving parents who even buy these records as 
gifts for their beloved sons and daughters birthdays, it’s great, that is true fucking evil!

When did you start listen to Black Metal music and which was your first record ? 
In the early nineties I started listening to Venom, Morbid and such, and I guess it all 
developed from there, musically that is.

What are your lyrics about ? 
The lyrics of SHINING are about the glorification of all that oppresses man, negativity 
in general, however, they do not reflect anything which could be considered as unnatural 
and phenomenal etc. as they are mere reflections of an everyday situation, yet re-written 
in order to function as a tool against the listener. 

What do you think about political contents in Black Metal? I ask because in germany we 
have very many NS-Black Metal bands. What do you think about NS-Black Metal ? 

When I think about what real Black Metal is, Evil is the only thing that crosses my mind and 
I really wouldn’t call an National Socialistic ideology as something evil or even negative. 
Caring for your own race is more or less what I would call glorifying life, no matter if these 
white fellows wish death and pain to other animals you know, it’s still something positive. 
I do however lend my full support to the evil Nazism in general have managed to spit on this 
earth of ours, but still I also lend my full support to extreme communism as well, as you 
see, communism killed an awfully splendid amount of people back then as well, and still does, 
just as with National Socialism. In conclusion, I care nothing about glorifying life and 
I consider life and happiness to be my main enemy, thus, I cannot support and political 
ideologies fully, as they all do glorify life in some way or the other.

Now the often asked 'lonely isle' question: If you had to chose three CDs to take with on 
a lonely isle, which ones would you chose ? 

I would never have chosen any records in the first place as music does not mean that much 
for me as you might think, but if there was no option but to take three records with me I 
would take BURZUMs ”Filosofem”, BETHLEHEMs ”Dictus Te Necare” and KENTs ”Hagnesta Hill”.

will there be a Shining tour ín the future ? 
As SHINING more or less is dead now, I think not, but if would happen that the result 
of this fourth record of cours would be sufficient, I could consider it.

What do you think about the criminal activities of the Norwegian Black Metal scene in 
the 90s? Is it wise to let a church burn down? 

There was some magic over those times, and it still is in a way, but it really hasn’t 
impressed me much anyhow. All acts of crime and vandalism must be glorified but burning a 
church does not differ much from burning down a hospital or even a kindergarten, does it? At 
least that would be a more evil act than burning down a completely useless church.

Do you think that Satanism has to be a part of black metal? 
In a way yes, but then again, Black Metal is NOT, so it does not matter what one says or 
pretends you know.

How would you describe your religious point of view? Are you in any religious group ? 
Religion has never been a part of SHINING, thus I will not discuss these matters in an 
interview that is supposed to concern the actual subject SHINING.

What do you think about the following bands? Cradle Of Filth Burzum Dimmu Borgir Graveland 
Musically I was rather impressed by CRADLE OF FILTH when they released that debut albums of 
theirs in the mid 90’s, yet, have never been a band I’ve listened to. BURZUM has always been 
a huge source of inspiration, ”Filosofem” must be one of the best albums ever made. 
DIMMU BORGIR have always been a failure in my eyes musically, GRAVELAND sucks as well. 

Thanks for answering the questions, in the last line you can write whatever you want: 

Du Sollst Dich Töten! / Kvarforth November 2003