Can you tell me something about the history of Svartpest ? When did you
formed Svartpest? What did you realease ?

Oy! Condatis Svarthjarte here. Good questions. Let me see 
if i can give ye some answers. Pretty drunk now, hehe, as always.
Hail to Ringnes Pilsner!!!
Anyways, Svartpest was started in 1999 by me and a guy named 
Freke. We started out with pretty basic auccustic stuff. Just dark 
poems with some guitar. I soon got tired of that, and wanted to make 
more extreme music. So i asked Frediablo if he could join us 
and do some guitar, and he said yes. Well, soon after Frediablo 
joined the band, we recorded this shit album called Pestferd. It was 
recorded in PVG Studios (, org, com or .no), 
the thing was that we were drunk out of our minds, and recorded the 
stuff onto an ordinary MC player, with no microphnes or anything. Just 
one fucking channel, Hehe. With us on that album we had Likskrik as a 
session member. Anyway, you´ve might heard some of the songs we have on, those songs are from the Pestferd album. At that time Svartpest 
wasn´t that serious, hehe. That album was released on PVG too. Soon after 
we were finished with Pestferd, we kicked Freke out of the band. The 
reason was his weak opinions about christianity and religion. Easy said, 
you can´t be a christian and still be a member of Svartpest. Hehehehe. 
With him out of the band, we started to become a bit more serious. Don´t 
get me wrong, of course we drink as hell on every recording and every 
rehearsal. Not that we rehearse alot, hehehe. And then we recorded 
the album you guys today know as Ved Den Drabelige Inngang Til Helvete. 
The working title was I Skogens Mörke. I remember i was kinda looking for 
a sound in the direction towards the Nattens Madrigal (Ulver) album. But 
it turned out to be even more primitive and straight forward. Something 
which is positive after my opinion. Anyway, we signed a deal with Baphomet 
and the album was released in March 2003. We have also recorded a new album, 
called Mjödfest. This album will be quite different from Ved Den Drabelige 
Inngang Til Helvete. Much more viking/folk-metal, with more melody lines. 
But it will still be straight forward and Svartpest-like. Hehe.

Do you play in any other bands or do you are otherwise active in the Black
Metal scene?
Right now i study. So i don´t have time for more bands. But while I was 
living in Bergen, me and some mates started up this metalclub called 
Atterljom Metal Club. It´s still up and running i think.
Anyway, i´m no where close to Frediablo when it comes to numbers of bands. 
Hehe. That guy is a genious. I´m happy to be working with him.

What do you think about (the scene in) Norway?
It started out as good, it still is, and will be so in the future.
Of course, we have what we call crappy bands, and we have bands that are 
great. But all in all, the quality of Norwegian black-metal is high. Many 
old bands still going strong, and many new bands on their way up. It´s gonna 
be fun and see what happens in the future.

Were/Are there any other Black Metal or Not Black Metal bands which
influenced you?
I dunno what´s influencing Frediablo, i guess it´s Hestekjell Satan which is 
pushing him, hehehhehehehe. Or maybe Ola Foss. Or he´s just a fucking 
genious. (I put my money on the last one). When it comes to me, i guess Ulver, 
Darkthrone and maybe Amon Amarth. And actually, when it comes to the sound of 
the vocal, i really like what Dani Filth is doing. Great voice. He should have 
started in a really old school necro black band. That would have been cool.

What do you think about Black Metal’s famous actors like Euronymous, Dead 
or Greifi Grishnackh?

No comment.

Why did you release the Viddith so late and not earlier?
I dunno actually. I´m just in the band. I give a fuck about release dates 
and stuff like that.

What do you think general about Black Metal?
Black-metal is more than music. It´s a way of life. If you´re black-metal, 
you live like a metal-head. Parties, drinking and chicks. Hehehe. 
Black-metal is a great way to get my opinions out. About religion, about 
society, about all the pop bastards around. FUCK music which is made to 
please the masses. Fuck people who actually can sit down and LIKE listening 
to for example Eminem, Britney Spears, DJ BoBo and SHAIT like that. 
Black-metal is in many ways to tell the masses to fuck off.
But most of all, black-metal is great music in a scene with great people. 

What do think about the first time of Black Metal from ’86 to ’94 ? Do you
think this time was better? Are there too many worst bands now?

No doubt at all. The old black-metal is after my opinion the best. REAL 
sound, REAL done. No fucking fancy hancy shit. Just traight forward 
anti-christian black-metal. Much of the stuff we find today called 
black-metal ain´t black-metal. Stuff like new Dimmu Borgir, Cradle of Filth 
and so on. It may be fucking great music, but it ain´t black-metal. But 
still, there are many new bands in Norway now so is moving more towards the 
old school sound. That´s good.

Do you think that Black Metal is for you more then music, maybe ideology or
lifestyle ?

Absolutely. As allready said it is a lifestyle. When it comes to the 
ideology behind the music, i support it. Christianity is shait, and working 
against it is a good thing. So as said, black-metal is for me, more than 

What’s your meaning about pagan Black Metal Bands like Graveland ?
I haven´t been listening much to Graveland. Heard a song or two maybe, but i 
can´t say that i have much knowledge about the band. But when it comes to 
pagan black-metal as a "genre", I like it.

How can I imagine me your process of creating music? Are there emotional
influences or influences from the world around you?

Frediablo makes almost all the music. While i write the lyrics and make the 
vocal lines and melody if any. Hehehehe. When it comes to influences i can 
only speak for my self, and yes there is emotional and maybe a bit political 
stuff in my lyrics. Most of all, Anti-christianity.

What do you think about the German or the Polish Black Metal scene?
Cool you should ask! I have just recently started to get into the 
black-metal from eastern europe. And also german. Svartpest is on a 
black-metal compilation from A.M.F. Productions called We Worship. Many 
great bands on that cd. My favourite band on We Worship must be Aryan Art. 
Fucking great music with an icy insaine vocal. Great. But when it comes to 
more known band, I must say i like the german Dark Fortress. I actually had 
a few beers with those guys while they were recording an album in Bergen. 
Cheers!! Hehehe

What do you think about the changes in the Black Metal scene, which came
with the time? What do you think about NS-Black Metal? Do you think that
political contents and Metal are working good together ?

Nothing last forever but the certainty of change. And in black-metal there 
have been many changes. Black-metal gets new sub-genres. Many bands are 
forgetting the true black-metal ideologi. Bands are playing black-metal 
music, but the lyrics is no longer true. Black-metal is all about 
ANTI-CHRISTIANITY and ANTI-STUPIDITY not wheter jews are shite or not. It´s 
easy: Christianity = Shit. Every christian human beeing is shite. It´s not 
about race, it´s about stupidity. And stupidity comes in many colours. And 
yeah, black-metal is a very good political tool. Hehe.

Is Fug the new drumer of the band ?
There is small adjustments to the lineup going on now. Only certain thing is 
that me and Frediablo will be a part of Svartpest. And so will Fug in a way 
or another. We´re maybe getting a couple of new blokes too, Nekroegil and 
Vassago. It´s still uncertain.

Some people said that Black Metal only have to been played in Europe, what
do you think about utterances like these? Do you think maybe Israelis 
should play Black Metal, too ?

Every person with a hate towards christianity, and willing to start a band, 
should play black-metal. heheh.
But since most the people of Israel are religious, I guess most of the 
Israelis should keep their arses out of the black-metal scene. They sure as 
hell suck as a Nation!

Are there any new releases planned?
Yepp. As mentioned earlier in this interview, we have a new album called 
Mjödfest. But since we´re currently looking for a new label we´re not sure 
when it will be released. We´ve got to hand in a deal first. So just e-mail 
us if there are any out there with the possibilty to sign us. Hehehe.

Will there be a possibility to see Svartpest live ?
In the future there will. Don´t know yet.

What do you think about bands like Cradle Of Filt or Dimmu Borgir, which 
Are on TV and are very popular?

The music may be ok, but it ain´t black-metal.

What else are you doing when you don’t make music ?
I hang out with mates, i drink, i listen to music, i study, i write and just 
fucking excist. I do what i think is fun.

Are you member of a religious group or something like that ?
No! Religion is shit. hehehe. My trust is in whiskey, beer and black-metal. 

When did you start listen to Black Metal?
I got my eyes up for black-metal when i was around 16-17. Before that i was 
more into heavy-metal like iron maiden, blind guardian and stuff like that. 
The first black-metal song i heard was I am the labyrinth with Mayhem. And 
it just fucking hit me. And in those days Dimmu Borgir played decent music 
too, so i started to listen to them too. And from there i started to listen 
to everything called black-metal. Still do so.

What are your all-time Top Five Music CDs (not only Black-Metal) ?
Hehehe, not an easy question. There are so many albums i like.. hmm.
But this is how the list is right now:

1. Ulver -- Bergtatt

2. Taake -- Nattestid Ser Porten Vid

3. Amon Amarth -- Avenger

4. Taake -- Over Bjoergvin Graater Himmelriket

5. Darkthrone -- A Blaze In The Northern Sky

What are your lyrics about ?
They are a mixture of anti-christianity and folklore. Our new album Mjödfest 
will be more "viking-related" lyrics.

What’s the meaning of your band name “Svartpest”?
Svartpest means black-plague.

Thanks for answering the many questions! In the last lines you can write whatever
you want:

It was nice doing the answering. Svartpest will be back soon with the new album.
Will also say greetings to Nekroegil and Vassago!! Keep up the drinking!
And that goes for you too, PVG!!