At first, i would like to say that I`m a great Fan of your Work and it`s a
plessure for me to make this Interview. Here we go:

I think you heared this question often, but what was the Reason to change
the old Name "TUHLE" into "TAAKE"?
We kept discovering more & more bands called Thule & decided to change our 
monicker into something with more identity

What does "TAAKE" mean in english? I think it was Fog or something, right?
Taake means fog

Do you believe in any Gods? Are you religious?
Absolutely not

Nattestid... and Bjoergvin... are Conceptalbums. Can you tell more about 
the Lyrics?
Nattestid is about night, Bjoergvin is about death

Do you have any special Intention why making TAAKE?
I felt the urge to express certain moods, feelings & atmospheres I had 
(& still have) inside

What does Black Metal mean for you?
The most destructive feelings of mankind expressed through music & lyrics

What was the first Black Metal Record you bought?
Darkthrone`s "A blaze in the Northern sky"

When you heared it last time?
A couple of weeks ago

You maybe hear some German Releases?
I only like early Destruction, Sodom & Kreator

Do you hear some none Metal Music?
Rolling Stones, Kate Bush, Sparks, Depress, The Cult, Sisters of Mercy, 
Johnny Cash, lots of Northern folk music, etc

Please list your 5 Favorite Albums ever!
WASP: "Inside the electric circus"
Destruction: "Infernal overkill"
Darkthrone: "Under a funeral moon"
Bathory: "Under the sign of the Black Mark"
Celtic frost: "Emperor`s return"

I think you can't live through the Music. What are you working?
I`m a gynecologist

Can you imagine to have a family?
Indeed, I have family plans

what do you do when you don't make music?
I basically just do what`s necessary to stay alive. I don`t have many 
values in life

The TAAKE T-Shirts are sold out. Any new in progress?
New ones will be printed as soon as possible

You have some plans for an new Album?
We are currently rehearsing the next album which should be released in 
about a year from now

Can we see TAAKE in Germany next time? Maybe at the X. PARTY.SAN Open Air
(August `04)?
There are no plans at the moment. I don`t think we will play live for a 
long time

Here you can say what you want to. Thanks for the Interview. :