Planet Utopia is a great map, distinguished with the German Map of The Month award.

Here you will find the latest version.

You can replay this map very often, there are many ways to establish.

Another indication for its complexity is the amount of triggers, switches and strings that are in use.

                                                                           -  more than 700 trigger

                                                                           -  ~ 100 used switches

                                                                           -  reached maximum number of strings

You can choose between three difficulties:

                                                                           -  Easy ( beginner, much support)

                                                                           -  Medium ( if you gamble alone)

                                                                           -  Hard ( the ultimative challange, more )

Ok now you are almost ready to start, you can raise your skill by reading the introduction,

the special-information is only to perfect your knowledge about the map.


Animated Introduction


Introduction (engl.)


PlanetUtopia 1.10d

PlanetUtopia 1.09h

PlanetUtopia 1.0 RELEASE