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UPDATE: Hi AEO-Leute!! Bin jetzt zwei Wochen in Thailand. Die Rm-Fotos bring ich online wenn ich wieder zurck bin. Viel Spass beim Abi-Streich. Bis dann, bye bye

"I live in a world, beyond your world.
What you only imagine, I do.
I live a life, where nothing is beyond."

Welcome to Steven-Online. Cool to have you on my site. Now please extinguish your cigarette and get ready off for take off ;) This is me, Steven aka youngdeenay aka eurotweety. I am a 20 year old guy, living in Berlin, Germany. If you already know me, you might also know what is going to expect you on this site. If you do not know me (yet), find out more about me :) I want you guyz to know that this page is being worked on all the time. This is not one of these pages, that go dead after a week or two. I'll be adding new stuff all the time and i hope you come back as often as possible :) thanks a lot and enjoy your stay!! :)

Check out this sheep. This is dolly. Dolly is very smart. Whenever she appears on my webpage, she has something to tell you. Most of the time she will give you x-tra information, sometimes only a joke or so. Just click on her to get to know her.


April 8th, 2004
    some new stuff uploaded!! check out my new FORUM and leave a message. I also changed my webspace provider, because I wasn't satisfied with my old one. and I have a new URL www.eurotweety.de.tt

January 4th, 2004
    Steven-Online (ver. 2.0) goes online!! :) my tripod page was just like a coming soon page for ver. 2.0, so here it is.

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