Never Replaced


People say, they've seen better days;
But not me.

They've said, you'll never find my trace,

But somehow I made you see.


I loved the way you hold me in your arms,

The way you brought me near.

You brought my life the warmth,

And words I needed to hear.


The way you laugh, I loved it so;

It put a smile into my heart.

I've never found a way to show,

How much I missed, when we were apart.


Everytime you kissed me soft,

I wanted you to stay forever here.

With you I felt so loved

And it seemed to getting clearer.


I pleased myself to be smart

And pleased you to care.

you have stolen my heart;

And I pleased you to be fair.


Even if you watched me fall,

This time would never be wast.

I still care at all;

You'll never be replaced.