A little history lesson

Are the fans in the windy city about to see some post-season action again? The last time the Blackhawks fans had this opportunity in the 1990-91 seasonÖpretty sad, isnít it? Letís travel back in time to 1990-91Öthe GM was "Kyle Gschwind" and he build a great team. Players like Denis Savard, Steve Larmer, Michel Goulet, Jaromir Jagr in his rookie FOIHL season (finishing with 31 goals and 33 assists by the way), a defensive squad build around Alexei Kasatonov and goalie Eddie "The Eagle" Belfour. They were able to win the Norris division and Larmer was the hottest left wing in the league with 86 points. A season and 2 GMs later the team was well, destroyed. The best player was Jeff Greenlaw (OV74) and every single star player was gone - where? I donít know, honestly.

After this season it was my turn to build a better team. It took some time, a whole season, the Ricci-season. The team leader was on fire, but he couldnít lead his team to the playoffs. A season later, this season, it seems that the Blackhawks can make it. I hope you enjoyed the Hawks brief history. Now the roster is build off players like Mike Ricci, Christian Ruutu, Petr Klima, Adam Graves, youngster Jeff Friesen, Mike Gartner, Rick Tocchet (who is finally finding his scoring touch), a no-big-names defense that can kick some ass and Mike Richter with the two back-ups Fitzpatrick and Dunham.

It isnít a long road from today to the playoffs. Four games left and the Hawks just need one more point to reach the playoffs, but still important games, because itís a difference between playing the last two seasons Stanley Cup winners, the Flames, or playing the Stars (no disrespect here, still loving to watch Bellows score 30+ a season). However it turns out (Canucks, Flames, Senators, Stars), it will be a tough battle for the Blackhawks in their first playoffs appearance since 3 seasons.

Last Update: Tuesday, 08:00 AM, 10/05/2004