About SolutionChecker

I  got the idea  to SolutionChecker  after  some mails with 
Jimmy Wales.  I proposed  to Jimbo  setting up  somthing to 
collect math-exercises.  He liked  the idea and he asked me
whether I am a programmer. 

As for programming I had  not exactly thought of me.  Jimbo, 
in response maintained to be a very bad programmer, (ha ha).  
How  to  proceed  was not clear.  I thought, hey, some bozo 
should  hack  it in.  As it turns out  I am  some  bozo and 
that's what you got. 

Hannes Hassler, February 2007

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The abacus was (and still is) an instrument of calculation.
The picture is public domain.

The key symbols cryptography and the right solution.
The permission to the picture is granted according to the
GNU Free Documentation License.

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