How to check a Solution

Given following 

        Exercise 1: Calculate 4+1-(2-5)
        Check Solution
After  a short calculation  we think the  solution  might be
8. The solution  is not given, only the above link. It leads
to  SolutionChecker,  you enter 8 and you are confirmed that
your solution is indeed correct. Every other number or other 
input does not give you "Correct".        

How to generate a SolutionURL

Given a webauthor who poses one or many exercises which are to be solved by one or many visitors of her page. The solution is not to be revealed directly, for a specific guess one should be given only the answer "WRONG" or "Correct", respectively. Webauthor goes to Solution generate and types the number of the Exercise and the correct solution. After that the button "generate URL" generates a URL in the text field below. The webauthor cuts and pastes this url into her own text for a checkSolution link. Be careful with the solutions! First of all they should be double checked whether they are really really correct. You may use non-integers as solutions like 3.14, 3/4 or any other string like {1,8,"apple pie"}. However, be afraid that the solution must be EXACTLY like that. (with the ONLY exception of blanks) Therefore, clearly define in the problem to what precision a non-integer number should be given. Also exercise number can be non- or half-numeric like A.1.f where blanks are ignored. Back to SolutionChecker
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