About the MGS2 Funpage:

The mgs2funpage and its contents is a brainchild of Rei-Lan Chan, the cartoons, other stuff and its subjects are under copyright by the artists. Metal Gear Solid is a registered trademark by Konami. We're not making any profit with this stuff!

The idea for that picture: --> klick!

What about the picture above? I wanna make now even for this funny stuff more photoshop pictures... lets see how it works...

@ everyone who doesn't know Metal Gear Solid (1/2) just take a look at wormpage (www.wurmpage.de.vu) or q a search machine like google *g* .

Rei-Lan Chan: "The first idea for the funpage came at March 2002. I drew a lot of fun cartoons at this time and decided to put them online to the funny stuff I planned this time to load up. So the mgs2funpage was born... OK you got me it wasn't that 'easy'... so, what about the 'drawing style'? Well, take a look at the MGS2 booklet. These little cartoons here are kinda parody of the 'Intodruction Manga!!!'"

Here you can see an example for the guards (I'm not making any profit with this stuff!!!!!!!!!!)

And here one for Solid Snake... (As I said it: I'm not making any profit!!!)

Rei-Lan Chan: "But how the hell did I exactly start doing this crazy stuff? Well, those who know the wormpage will know, that I'm an serious artist, but sometimes I'm some kinda 'very funny'... so... well the truth is that I was REALLY bored at the time I started drawing my first MGS2 funny comic. Later I drew on at every time I was bored... so I created much short stories and even running gags... And later I created some own characters: 3 guards..."

Well...at these times... what would be a mgs2funpage funny comic without our 3 groovy guards or without Snake's endless tryings to jump from the bridge to land on that tanker? Well, those 3 boys there don't really have a name... the left one with his thermo googles is known beyond N.I.C.e members (about N.I.C.e --> check out wormpage) as 'Thoughy', the one in the middle is 'Shy' and the right one our 'Groovy Guard' because of his walkman."


Well... even a tourist group of japanese men with photocameras would recognize him when he's till miles away! Thougy is never quiet, never handsome, never... maybe this is the reason why he's been freezed by Snake so many times... Well... could say that the most time you see him, he's freezed and at everytime he lost his dogtag, trying not to use it by playing "though guy".


Whenever you see him, he is very "silent" - or "crying"... the Dog Tag production (TM! --> copyright by Rei-Lan!!!) has a new client! As MAX created it he has been freezed by Snake more than 1.000.000 times... er... yeah

-_____- remeber this is only a funny cartoon...

Groovy Guard

Rei-Lan Chan: "Oh yes! This is my favourite guard! The first one with a 'character'! who was created by me. He even plays a role in Snakes first real funny comic! (-->Groovy Guards--> comic). He is the only one of the three who wasn't freezed by Snake yet when he was alone - and even when he was freezed, Snake was never able to get his dogtag... maybe, Groovy still doesn't hear him..."


Cause Noman is a brand new creation by Rei-Lan Chan, he has his own profile. Yes the funpage has modernized something and even the pictures of him you can find there are made with fotoshop.


But for now, Rei-Lan isn't the only artist working for the mgs2funpage. Since Ninnin programmed his game, Mallory also drew lots of cartoons and people sent some nice stuff to Rei-Lan, this page is done by many nice people and there's still much funny stuff in the www left, waiting to be collected one day and put up here to show it to everyone who likes laughing about his favourite game *g*

Rei-Lan Chan: "Something more to tell you...?

Yes OK I know...!!! I know that my drawing style here is changing very often! But this depends on my 'physical situation' while I'm drawing!"

mata ne

rei-lan (Berlin 3th April 2003)

And for everyone who doesn't wanna be one of the three peoples who ask me per day "BTW What means mata ne....?"

It's japanese and means "cu".

MATA NE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!