Appearently you really want to know who is hiding behind this site?!

Although my family did try to restrain me from wasting so many valuable webspace, they havn't been very successfull. And as it had come so I won't let you be in the dark the whole time.


What's to tell about us. We are the Terhorst family from BŁnde, a small city in the beautiful landmark of East Westphalia-Lippe, which is in Germany.

Constisting of Hans and Petra Terhorst, the two daughters Jessica (that's me) and Melanie, the dachshund Moppel and two budgies. Sorrily, our dog died this august.

My sister Melanie and her husband Volker Steinmeier from Ennigloh (belongs to BŁnde, too) married 12th May 2001 and have moved right in the middle of nowhere to Oberbauerschaft. The two had already got offsprings in February 2001. Meanwhile Whisky is a, hopefully fullgrown and a handsome, well-hearted, but somehow dopey Retriever-Ridgeback-mongrel.

Though I started studying at the University of Bielefeld, changed to the University of Muenster in April and preferred to return to Bielefeld this autumn, I'm trying to move out. As I'm, doing so, my parents are going to have this house and this garden all for themselves in the near future. After 25 years of marriage they honestly deserve that.

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