Sorrily our little dog died just one month ago at the 27th August 2002.He felt asleep peacefully in the night with all of us around him. As we want to remember him and show you what a beautiful dog he had been, please visit this photo gallery


Moppel lived with us since 1989 and had reached an age of respectable 16 years when he died.

  1992, when he was 4 years old.


Actually you can't say that he had just been a pet. For us, he had been a member of our family.

  1999. Already a bit white in the face.

He mainly slept on the bed or cuddled with my mum. Then nobody had been allowed to disturb them/him or he could be a real dachshound!

Often we had had the impression that he really had understood what we were saying to him. And his looks had underlined that impression very often

  1996. He loved lying in bed


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