Stupid EU, Socialists and other foolish knaves...


1)      Geoff Hoon, British Foreign secretary has announced a possible deal with the Spanish Government to hand over the British Colony to Spain after 300 years of being British territory. Mr Hoon, are you schizophrenic, an ignorant or just incapable of listening to what the British want rather than trying to score Brownie points with your socialist colleagues in Spain. I recall a small insignficant event called a referendum in Gibraltar where 98% of the inhabitants wanted to remain British. So stuff the 98%, the 2% of Spanish are more important on British territory. OK give Gibraltar away, just don’t you dare lecture me about democracy. Oh yes, note for Spain: What’s the plan for Ceuta and Melilla?


2)      The rector of King’s Norton nr. Birmingham wants to tell his former local pub “The Saracen’s Head” to change the name because it might offend Muslims. Well, how about destroy Churches, since they are probably not just an offence but a right out declaration of insignificance of Muslims in the Country. Or how about Mr The Rector goes to live in Saudi Arabia and asks the local tourist office for the times of the Sunday Eucharist.


3)      What a desirable place England is to live. Government “advice” (i.e. “you will do this, won’t you?”) tells us to hop on our bicycles, use wind power and stick to modern architecture – a paradise for any young naďve yuppie itching to detach himself from parental status quo. If you have any other tastes and opinions, however, well – tough luck. Regulated architectures, transport and energy just reminds you of a cosy little place once named UdSSR, does it not? . Too bad the gentleman initiating all these forward-thinking guidelines lives in a Tudor-style house and drives not just one but – hold your breath - two gas-guzzling Jaguars. Damn, Labour has changed.



…oh well, life goes on as does political correctness!


© Alex Cooper.