"Homo Homini Lupus" Help Page.

How to play.

You are playing against 3 other players. Each one play for himself only.
Initially players have 6 bones and 4 bones remain in the heap. Your bones are at the bottom of game field. Heap is at right bottom corner.

First move right have one who have least significant doublet bone, usually it's "zero-zero", but sometimes happens that this least significant doublet remains in heap, so next doublet "one-one" give this right, and if this one also is in heap, than next doubled will be used, and so on. Computer automatically make this first move for you or any other player.

At the begining this game have 4 tail ends, starting from first doublet, where other bones can be appended. One can append one bone match the tail ending. Just drug and drop bone of your choice to desired tail ending. It will be placed there.

If you have no bone to make your move, you should get from heap until you get one you can place. If no more bones left in heap, you skip your turn.

Appending doublet one have an alternative. One can close this tail placing reversed doublet at the end or left it open placing it as usual. To place reversed doublet press Shift while releasing mouse button after dragging.

Game ending occures under one of the following circumstances:
1. One of the players have no more bones at hand.
2. No more bones can be added to tails (tails closed, or ends with bones which are all already in game).

Main Goal to have as minimum points athand (summ of all points of your pieces left at your hand after game ending) as possible. Your score will be counted by following formula:

YourScore =(AllPointsLeftAtAllHands/4-pointsAtYourHand)*100

So summ of all players scores remain equal to zero.
In addition this Applet calculate your balance for all your games you play.