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As a kid I got a plastic syringe by chance. I was fascinated you could squirt farther with it than with the small water pistols that used to be the only water squirting toy.

Zwar wurden Wasserpistolen seitdem kontinuierlich weiter entwickelt, aber einige Vorteile von medizinischen Spritzen als Wasserspritzen bleiben bis heute:

Though water pistols are high developed today, some advantages of syringe as waterguns rest:

They are cheap: You can get syringes up to 20cc for less than the smallest waterpistol!

They are small
: they fit into each pocket!

They can be cleaned very easily, so it doesn't matter at all to squirt with water not completely clean or with other fluids. Simply take apart, flush several times with clean water and put together again.

They work well and are sturdy: Syringes are reliably water-tight and air-tight and rarely break!

They are as transparent as possible. So you can always look exactly what is in and whether they are filled well.

They have a cc scale: with a syringe you know exactly how much water you squirt out.

Therefore you are told here the most important things about syringes (About Syringes),

and where you can get them. (where to get).

You can read about advantages and disadvantages of the different sizes (Sizes in test),

you learn why the sort of the syringe tip is very important (Syringe tips),

you can look at some impressive pictures (Glass and Metal Syringes),

and you can read where you have to pay attention (Hints for security).

I will present some playing ideas with syringes (Playing Ideas)

and I will add a lot of links to toy water squirters of every kind. (Links)

I would like to add some photos to this website on which syringes are used as waterguns. Do you own such photos and would you present them here?

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