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Irasshaimase, minna-san! ^.^

Welcome to my little unofficial fansite of Közi - ex-guitarplayer of Malice Mizer, member of Eve of Destiny and now also a successful solo artist - one of the most interresting personalities of the Japanese music scene!

First I want to thank my boyfriend Tobi who did this wonderful layout and without whom this website maybe hadn't been realized.

If anyone wants me to put his/her reviews/fanfic/fanart or other things on my site I would really feel honoured. Just write me an eMail.

Oh, and don't forget to sign the guestbook before you leave... ^_-

By the way...
Please don't blame me for my simple English ^^... In the case you should find some terrible mistakes, don't hesitate to contact me (I'm always glad to learn from native speakers).

As for the Forum: most topics are in German but there is also an English area. Feel free to leave us a message, we're all able to understand English. ^_-

Ok, that's enough babbling. Enjoy your stay!

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It's more than a year now that I've updated this page and I feel sorry. Yeah, I really do. Hum. -_- Either I was too lazy (shame on me) or had no time because of school stuff (I'm in my last year now, so yes - it is hard! x_x).
Well, I'll do my best to improve the site as soon as possible. I'll work on the Kami-tribute page and on stuff for the download section, don't worry. Right now I'm sitting on a translation of an interview with Közi and Gackt, but it's quite hard due to my pooooor Japanese. >_<
Well, for now I have 4 wonderful new fanarts, Kinsao sent me! Enjoy them, they're absolutely great! ^_^ Big thanks to you, Kinsao!!

Phantastic news!! *___* The date for MEMENTO's releasing is now fixed (1.12.2004), as you can see here. *does happy dance* *is hyper and smiles over the whole face* ^________^
And the tracklist of EoD's (hopefully!! >_<) soon released first single "Nervous and Innocence" is gonna be:

1. Nervous and Innocence
2. Garden for a Zealot
3. Mother
4. Logos
5. Dead or Alive (2002 demo)
6. I · NO · RI (ASTAN MIX)

Again two new wonderful fanarts by Haru, showing Közi with two of his daughters from her RPG. ^_^ Kawaii~!
Aaaaaand.... the first fanfiction on my site, whoo! Written by the very talented Line. It's long, but it's worth reading it, believe me! *___*
Much thanks to both of you! *bows*
There are now links to my friends' pages in the link-section, plus a new partner-site.

- Many new fanarts by Haru Barton in the fanarts-section. They're marvellous, check them out!! ^.^ Thank you!
- Some lyrics and translations of katarushisu are online. Many thanks to flowersofnight and to +LejuN+!!

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