Essential Keys To Better Bowling is a Ten-pin bowling sports documentary that was released on DVD in 2006. It was written and directed by Fred Borden and Ken Yokobosky. The documentary itself, based on Ten-pin Bowling, is unigue in it's genre.


A DVD of Advanced Bowling Techniques, Tips And Tactics like you have never seen before.


Learn how to bowl your best game from two of the world's top bowling coaches. ueppigcom ** Witze - Pannen - Sprüche - Forum - Sportvideos. Fred Borden and Ken Yokobosky cover important bowling principles of benefit to all bowlers, regardless of experience. Topics covered include: equipment, delivery , the strike ball, making spares, adjusting to changing lane conditions, mastering the mental game, plus much more. This comprehensive program will help bowlers to rapidly progress and improve their consistency and scoring average.

Fred Borden and Ken Yokobosky are two of the premier bowling instructors in the game.

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