this is my dedication page to

once upon a time
i met someone in the www who loves tulips

i do not know when - i do not know why

but very soon i had a webfriend




so many wonderful presents i have got from inger

this was the first one

and many others followed


thank you


summer, winter, autumn, spring
x-mas, easter, halloween and any other moments
inger sent me wonderful pixels

these and many more i have got from


dear, liebe inger

how often i sat down here, in front of my computer
and started a present for you
and nearly all so often i failed!!!!
i managed to make some quilts

ok, quilts i do with "trick 17" as you know
and sometimes i do not even manage that

aswell, i do not want to send you 1000 quiltpieces

so i tried and tried - and gave up and gave up

when it looked like this

but one thing i can do!!!!




so no try anymore to pixel things like you
you are the artist!! not me!

but a special place on web for you

my first dedication page on

as your site is a place where i feel good

and your heart and friendship
is a place to feel fine in the www



 and with a tiny little help
(to make the edges smoother of the base-picture)

one pixel by me - only for you

jag älskar dig, inger




all graphics of this site by inger (and 5 by me)


layout and backgrounds by me