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Our boys



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Max is born 17/04/95. He is a very impressive black and white male, bred White Rock. He weights approximately 75 pounds(34 KG) and is 19,5 inches (50 cm) in height, but all in excellent proportions. He has an excellent head, excellent movement, complete teeth, incredible bone. He is bred bij P. Goossens from the Great Pharamunds Kennel in Belgium.





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Punk is born at 16/08/98. He is a white and blue own bred White Rock male from our first litter between Great Pharamunds Thundermax and Chasqui Grass-Hopper. He weights 66 pounds(30 KG) and is 18,5 inches (47 cm) in height. He has an incredible expression, complete teeth, excellent movement and excellent bone. Hes working very successfull in obedience.


Our girls



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Witch is born 11/03/96. She is a very expressive red bitch with black mask. She weights approximately 55 pounds (25 KG) and is 18,5 inches (47 cm) in height. She is a very powerfull girl with complete teeth and outstanding expression. Witch is bred by F. Diaz from the Chasqui & Skrams Kennel from Nederland. Witch is pure bred White Rock.


XHAYENNE (Chayenne)

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Xhayenne is our own bred bitch from our first litter between Great Pharamunds Thundermax and Chasqui Grass-Hopper. She is a very ladylike, black and white bitch born 16/08/98. She weights 50 pounds (23 KG) and is 17,5 inches (44,5 cm) in height, all in excellent proportions. She is a very typical bitch, has excellent movement, complete teeth, good bone and outstanding expression. She is very successfull at shows in Belgium and Germany. Once you see her, youll fall in love.

We plan her first litter for 2001.

As soon she littered there will be a newsflash in our site.

New pictures will be added soon together with show results.



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