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There we are in the origin country of Gandhi. Oh, now I have to mention that its daughter is called yes your right Sonia. So the first reaction of its people was oh Sonia Gandhi. Ok not that interesting. Sorry. After Greece which is not that clean I’m used to I thought well it can’t get worse but it could. I arrived at the airport at 11 pm and the first nice deep breath wasn’t the best thing to do there. It s not just a bit smog, it’s like the smoke of a cigarette, its like fog it’s incredible and unimaginable until u have been there. So, good, I took a cap (a prepaied govermental one which is supposed to be safe) to my hostel, where I finally never arrived. This story I have to tell u personally just ask me about it!..................
I just can say that the taxi from the airport to a hotel is 200 rupee and from the hotel to the airport about 800.It s weird isn’t it. We reached now the most important word in India: commission. Except the trains and maybe local buses? (Who knows) get commission if they drive u to a place where u can spend money. Not just a hotel or restaurant, shops and markets u can say the state is quite lucky that they don’t have to pay every driver for every tourist who sees a sight, a little or big tip. So it ended that I took a private prepaied driver who just received once his money, as it’s usual in other countries and with him travelled 1000 km around in India. It seems much but for India but it’s nothing!! I realised now hat the word driver was the wrong one for him, he was more my personal slave and hey I didn’t abuse it I´ m not so bad u know?! Of course u do!!!
 It ´s true, cows everywhere, so don’t be in a hurry, they are holy, u can wait! Monkeys on the electrical lines that it seems in 2 seconds everything is going to collapse or explode but till yet it worked out. We are coming to the question how does it look like there. I guess it seemed more organised during the British occupancy or colony cause after the independence nothing was done anymore for the streets that’s why they don’t have any big holes and gaps or so. There doesn’t exist a very very rich population like in other big cities with its financial district where the skyscrapers are or nice houses.(In Bombay it is different) No, everything seems more or less the same. Dirty, smelly, chaotically. The chaos theory that in every chaos is an order? is there the practice. But before it gets too long, I’m in Singapore now.

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