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As I travelled in rich and in very poor countries, I realised that it is still important from where you are. It starts with the different treatment at the airport (you get less controlled and friendlier treated as persons with a Latin passport (or in general of a poor country). Then when I was in India I realised if I would have been born there, I would never have had the opportunity to travel. Of course there are as well some rich, but the majority has no possibilities to get out of their poorness (maybe if they get criminal).
 The first time I really felt to be someone special, someone elected, someone who hasn’t to fight daily to survive like them. Someone, if you work hard, has still the world beneath his feet.
I started travelling thinking, that I would get less racists and would loose prejudices against some cultures, which not really happened (see USA report!) Sometimes it was really hard, because if you get treated as “ you are a rich European with blond hear, so you are special and beautiful! “ you get a bit ashamed and maybe you start thinking to be a bit superior than them because they make you feel it the whole time. What you really can generalize, that it depends on the education of the person, it doesn’t matter from where he or she is nor which blood, it’s just the more educated the more open and cosmopolitan she/he is.
 As well the needs you thought you have get minimized to the most essential things, like a secure place to sleep and something nice to eat. In one way I lived there the non materlistic (by publicity influenced) way. I just tried to survive with less I could, so that I could see as many places and sights, the place I stayed. Although I like travelling and I will travel again (next time differently: I want to travel around in Latin America) it is not everything in life, I met some freaks who just live for travelling.
 The nicest thing was to ascertain that “we live in a beautiful world” [Coldplay] and that you are nowhere alone. I met so many nice people and with some I’m still in contact luckily.

Maybe the most important thing I learned for myself is that I can be almost everywhere happy as long as I have something to do which completes me.  So my future plans are now after Africa, to study and then maybe one day to fulfil my dream……

  The End.