TEIL 1: Of Agents, Vampires...
TEIL 2: Finally
TEIL 3: It`s all about belief
TEIL 4: Makingitwork TEIL 5:
TEIL 6: Beneath
TEIL 7: Trying to cope

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Well, the Sunnydale Series is the first series I've ever written. It began with a crossover between The X-Files and Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the ideas just kept coming. I never planned so many parts.

There are a lot of spoilers from both series so if you haven't seen season 7 of BtVS yet, you probably shouldn't read this.

This series actually was the beginnig of Spirit of Sunnydale. SoS has recently been updated and you can find many new fanfictions, musicvideos, pictures, downloads and collages there.

I hope you enjoy the Sunnydale Series as well as Spirit of Sunnydale and I'd be really happy about feedback. Have fun taking a look around here.

Your SoS- Team

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