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Sunken Woman, the scary but beautiful lady of the lake in Fatal Frame 2. She is only one of this countless ghosts in the Fatal Frame series but if you are a fan of her... please, join, it can't be wrong^^
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2005.07.11 Many news + new members

Hello all,

There are MANY news. I made a new layout... (much better^^") and added some new fans (5 ones). Thank you for joining! The last update was in January^^" There happened so much in this time.... I hope Fatal Frame 3: The tormented is fnished soon. Can't wait to get it!

Mei Lin

1st Jan 05 2 new members

Hi world

Added two new members. I'm sorry,but there's something wrong with my Yahoo E-Mail so some of you didn't get the mail..... I'm sorry!!!

Mei Lin,the bloody doll

14th Dez 04 3 new Members


Added 3 new members.I hope,there are more fans soon.The Sae-Mayu Fanlisting is finished.Klick here to visit! If you're a fan of the two girls,you're very welcome to join.The informations about the two will be there in some days,too.
I drawed a short Fatal Frame 2 Dojinshi,two pages,it will be online tomorrow.

Mei Lin,the bloody doll

5th Nov 04 2 new members-YEAH!

Hi world

Added two new members. Sorry,you two,but I can't send the mails for you at the moment,because there're problems with my Yahoo account.But i've added you!!Be sure ;P I hope,there will be more members in the next time.Please join!

Mei Lin,the bloody doll

14th Oct 04 1 new member added!

Hey you!

I've added one new member!!
It's... Emi-Chan from Beyond the Camera's Lens! I'm a very big fan of her page and visit it EVERY day!! Well, here are just 6 members! *cry* Please, join, joiiin!!!You can download now the sunken woman wallpaper and I'm writing more things about her.Hey, I should open a shrine to herXD (this page is like a shrine!)

Maybe I cosplay Sae on the Con 05.But not sure.I can cosplay Isshi from Kagrra too.What should I do???

Mei Lin,the bloody doll


Hi to all sunken woman and Fatal Frame-Fans!

No new members,or Affiliates,but I have important news for you!I want to do something what nobody had done before (XD I think).I'll draw a....FATAL FRAME DOJINSHI!^O^ It will be about the different ghosts and so on.But it's not really horror.Well,I'm drawing a Fatal Frame 3 donjinshi too ( but that's horrorXD) O.o and many Fan Arts!And the last news..... I'm going to make a Fatal Frame Fanpage!The name will be "Kill me" *happy* *jump* and a Sae/Mayu-Fanlisting!!!![Hard work XD].

++++++++++++Mei Lin

10th Oct 04 New Members and Affilates^^


3 new members and 3 affiliates^^ *happy happy happy* and these are.....:

Thank you all!!!!!!^^

Bye,Mei Lin


29th Sep 04 OPENED!!


Welcome to my new (and first) Fanlisting: FEEL!a fanlisting for the beautiful sunken woman!*happy* I hope,you like this page and.....join!!!^^

Mei Lin


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