My Favorite Pictures

Zum vergrößern einfach draufklicken! Dann öffnen sich die Bilder in ihrem eigenen Pop-Up.
If you click the Picture, it is opening in his own Pop-Up!

My really favorite Picture. There she looks soo sad T.T, but she is still very cute ^,^

I luv this Pic, too. Look at Kamui...he looks there soo sexy ;P and then the sad text *dreaming*

Sweet Chii in Pink! This Picture is the cutiest of Chii I know.

An another Pic of sexy Kamui *gg* This Pic has anything...XD

The 3rd sweet Pic of Chii ^^ I call this Blue Princess! She is really very cute. My favorite Character ^,^

This Picture is with Subaru my second favorite Character! This pic is very melancholic, and this is why I luv this pic!

Kamui&Subaru Pic © by Fatalistic
Chobits and X/1999 © by CLAMP