New Years Eve SYDNEY            BACK

this was my best NYE ever, and that for sure! We had a big BBQ at a wonderful place near Bondi in Dover Heights. From there we could see the Opera House and behind the Sydney Harbour Bridge, on the left the Skyline.. no words, just amazing! The first firework at 9 pm were called off because of high wind and terrorism threats, but the one at midnight was great. The word PEACE was put up in lights on the Sydney Harbour Bridge. No words..

We were approximately 20 people and we all had a great time. All the people were in such a good mood and everyone hugged everyone! That’s one reason loving Australia!

some pictures:

It was'nt that cold than it looks like.. we just thought of our friends back home ;o)

(Robert, Sven, Jörg, Katrin, Bille, Christoph)


(Gerhard, Nicole, Frank und Robert)