New Zealand Jan 2003

(Southern Roundtrip)



This day we went seakayaking in the Abel Tsman Nationmal Park.

To the left the dutch team, Robert and Joelle



To the left the guide and me. I thought I am really clever doing the trip with the guide so I don't have to paddle that strong, but it was the other way around! Damn! ;o)


For one hour we jumped off the bus to do a beautiful walk around Cape Faulwind.

It's the end of the world as we know it...
A nice walk in teh forest near Lake Makinapua. We called it the Frodo and Sam Walk!

At night we stayed in the middle of nowhere and had a fancy dress party. The men were dressed as women and the girls as bin bags! That's why there is no pictures of the girls and the men are very sweet, aren't they?


In the morning we went to a Historic Gold Mine to dig gold. We couldn't believe we'll find some, but we did! Now I am very rich!


This was definetely one of the best days of our whole trip! We climbed the Franz-Josef Glacier. We got special shoes (they were like hell!) and spikes to be able to walk on ice. Concentration was the most important thing you needed. Most of us fall once or twice. Joelle came back with bleeding feet and a damaged hand!


no words! just wonderful!!!


This morning we had to get up very early to see the mirror reflections from Mt.Cook on Lake Matheson. We were a little bit late, but still some nice pictures.


Mt. Cook 3050m

In the afternoon we arrived at Lake Wanaka. That's New Zealand, isn't it?


Before we head on to Queenstown we went to Puzling World. It is a really strange thing. Illusions room, labyrinth...we spent hours in it!


One of the illusion rooms. The floor is slanting, the steps as well and I am normal. Weird, isn't it?



Our  bus group. Unfortunately 20% Germans!  But we had goof fun!
A typical sign in a kiwi pub!


Milford Sound

Here we did a cruise. It is hard to say something. It's just a wonderful landscape!


Seals lying on the rocks
One of many waterfalls

This was our "house" that night. Sweeet! ;o)


Dunedin is the second city of the South Island and home of Nz's first university. A beautiful city!



Lake Tekapo




1p.m. the Wizrad is coming.. a strange guy talking about politics and NZ as the best country in the world. But good fun if you don't take him serious!