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 Since March 2002 I am studying at the University of Technology Sydney  (UTS) as an exchange student. My subject here is called Business. My classes in the two semesters were International Economics, International Financial Management, Operations Research, Innovation Management, Organisational Structure and Change and English for academic purposes II.

It is different to Germany, but for one year it is good. During the semester you have much to do: case studies, essays, reports etc. In the middle you have a mid-semester exam and at the end the final exam. But the material doesn't go that much in detail than in Germany and it is more practical.

For me it was really good to have a break from the German system and to get more know-how about how to use the stuff you study!


My father and me outside of the tower building, the ugliest building in Sydney.


This is after the last class in November inside the tower building of the UTS.

Zheng, ... ,...,...,...,(I can't remember Asian names!!), Sebastian and Marina