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If you wanna be happy, say what you think.
Do what you want and write letters in pink.
Tell tons of jokes to make everyone smile.
Visit your family every once in a while.
Reach for the stars and don't stop there.
Try to take risks so always choose dare.
Open windows when doors slam shut.
Act kind of mature but be sure to go nuts.
Talk to folks that you don't know.
Go to those places you don't often go.
Go with your gut - it seems to be smartest.
Don't choose routes that look the hardest.
Indulge yourself in life's simple pleasures.
Consider those around you your treasures.
Instead of drugs, choose natural highs.
Love the color of your eyes.
Hand out compliments you want in return.
When you want your way, be sure to stand firm.
Don't let people push you around.
And keep all the good friends you've already found.
Always believe in what you believe.
Know that you're fortunate, know you'll succeed.
You really don't know what you've got 'till it's gone.
So always be happy - life will go on.

~Love is perfect, thatís what I used to believe
No one ever told me , that love meant to deceive.
I thought it was laughter and playing in the rain.
No one ever told me about the hurt and pain.
I thought it was sunshine and roses of all red.
No one ever told me of all the angry words that are often said.
I thought it was rainbows high up in the sky.
No one ever told me it was often just a lie.
No one ever told me.
Oh why didnít they let me know?
that when your in love, you usually must let go!

The Dream

I had a dream that will never come true,
I dreamt you loved me the way I love you.
Moonlight mist fell over the land,
I looked at you and you took my hand.
We walked through the stars to the Milky Way,
Side-by-side then you started to say,
Stay with me forever and I`ll stay with you,
And loving each other`s the only thing we`ll do.
Then I woke up and started to cry,
Realizing the whole thing, was only a lie.
I had a dream that will never come true,
I dreamt you loved me, the way I love you.

Angel of Love
you came from the light
you came from above
hair of the night
wings of a dove
you've blinded my sight
my Angel of Love
you came from my heart
you came from my mind
here from the start
one of a kind
you've inspired my art
my Angel of Time
you came from a wish
you came from within
someone I'll miss
truly a friend
as sweet as a kiss
this Angel of Mine

under the moon and stars
we both are
and yet still so far

will i ever be close
will we ever be near
will you ever be able
to comfort my fears

will i ever stare into your eyes
will you ever gaze into mine
will you hold me in your arms
and say everything will be fine

will you ever say the words
i have so long waited to hear
as you hold me tight
and whisper in my ear

will i ever get to feel
your oh so gentle clutch
or will you be to far
to far for me to touch

will i ever feel you soft kiss
will you ever feel my gentle touch
will we ever be so close
that we can hear out hearts beating

and though the answer may be never
there will always be hope
will i ever?

you think you know the real me
you think of me but you don't know
what i know you cant understand
you dont know what ive gone through
you have no idea of the things in my past

what if you did know
would you still care
there's no other way of telling you
i cant let go of the past
its so hard when his memories
are so vivid in my mind
the real me still loves him
the real me still cares

even though he broke my heart
do you have what it takes to piece it together
and deal with the fact ill love him forever
if you cant deal then walk away now
but if you think you can stay
and know the real me

~I know Iíll never have you so why do I try?
I know youíll never care so why do I cry?
Iím gonna forget you, but thatís just a lie.
I know Iíll always love you until the day I die.

i love you with all my heart
though you only think of me as a friend
its like my world is coming to and end

if i could only find someone
but how could i say goodbye
you're the one i want
not some other guy

it brings me so much joy to think
that someday we could be together
if only my heart could see
she's the one you think of
not me

I have a wall you cannot see
Because it's deep inside of me
It blocks my heart on every side
And helps emotions there to hide.
You can't reach in,
I can't reach out,
You wonder what it's all about.

The wall I built that you can't see
Results from insecurity.
Each time my tender heart was hurt
The scars within grew worse and worse.
So stone by stone,
I built a wall,
That's now so thick it will not fall.

Please understand that it's not you-
Continue trying to break through.
I want so much to show myself
And love from you will really help.
So bit by bit,
Chip at my wall,
Till stone by stone it starts to fall.

I know the process will be slow-
It's never easy to let go
Of hurts and failures long ingrained,
Upon one's heart from years of pain.
I'm so afraid
To let you in;
I know I might get hurt again.

I try so hard to break the wall,
But seem to get nowhere at all.
For stone upon stone I've stacked,
And left between them not a crack.
The only way
To make it fall is imperfections in the wall.

I did the best I could to build
A perfect wall, but there are still
A few small flaws, which are the key
To breaking through the wall to me.
Please use each flaw
To cause a crack
To knock a stone off of the stack.

For just as stone by stone was laid
With every hurt and every pain,
So stone by stone the wall will break
As love replaces every ache.
Please be the one
Who cares enough 
To find the flaws, no matter what.

I think of you often
I still hear your voice
And feel your warm embrace
I'll never forget your eyes
Or the smile on your face
But the question is
Do you think of me
Can you see my face
Or the look in my eye
Do you remember me at all
I wish I could see you now
To tell you how I feel
To say the words
I never could reveal


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