Hermester Barrington's Death Trap at La Puente: El Físico Nuclear and The Agents of Cal-International Pro Wrestling, Inc.

Hermester Barrington's Death Trap at La Puente: El Físico Nuclear and The Agents of Cal-International Pro Wrestling, Inc.

Here are some reviews of my first published work, Death Trap at La Puente: El Físico Nuclear and The Agents of Cal-International Pro Wrestling, Inc.:

As far as "El Fisico Nuclear" and "Death Trap at La Puente", we thoroughly enjoyed it. I really enjoyed the humor in it and coming from a Hispanic background myself (yes, with a last name Smith - I'm still half Hispanic) I really enjoyed the central character. "Money? I don't wrestle for money, I wrestle to glorify the cause of physics and free men everywhere."...Golden, pure golden.
Dr. Alfred L. Smith
President, Miskatonic University

I very much appreciated your writings regarding the Death Trap at El Puente. It was very original and creative, and I think the world needs more such efforts.
Sarah Pew

Quizro tells this story about how Member 13 of the Secret Council of 13 Elijah-is-the-Prophet-of-the-Saucer-Gods Committee to Save the Earth answered his question: "What do you think about Death Trap at La Puente?"

Yesterday evening I came home to find [this message] spelled out in French fries on my patio. This was not an optimal messaging medium, because by the time I got it squirrels had eaten or scattered many of the fries. Here’s what was left:

“I was pl s d to learn that Death Tr p at La Puente survives in print after 10 ears, d spit the efforts of those who w ld silence its truths! Now mort h n ever do we need prop etic v ices such as this. Our worl seem overrun by Vandals – not the famo s Los Angeles punk band, bu th evil w stler whose long, untidy hair met its fat on that lon ago day. Grmdb ful has taught us that et rnal vigilance mrspt b maintained if we are to sl rp. F blug mnah!

“Keep watching the skis,

“Member 13”

Thank you so much for the El Físico Nuclear adventure. I must know: what does the asterisk on page 15 refer to? I looked for a corresponding explanation, but I could not discern one. Does the asterisk refer to a dimension of space that a conventional mind cannot perceive, or is there some other metaphysical meaning to it?

Rest assured, I will pass the work onto the other members of the Circle. No doubt they will enjoy its literary merits, and I'm SURE that the Flyboy will thrill to the wrestling theme.

Mark Rayner, Founding Member of The Emily Chesley Reading Circle

Here is a bit from the story itself:

This next scene unfolds as the evil Vandal Drummond extends his hand toward El Físico Nuclear as a greeting before the match begins. The depth of Vandal's treachery is revealed in what follows!)

The pithecoid Vandal Drummond stuck out his hand and waddled, on stumpy legs and oversized feet, toward The Physicist. El Físico, being a trusting soul, took it. Then, apparently according to a prearranged signal, the bell rang. Before El Físico could respond, the monkey man had flung the Super Scientist to the mat and begun kicking him. The Ancient Astronaut could feel a rib crack, and his ears rang with pain as the audience booed. That cracked rib did not stop The Physicist, however, as he leapt to his feet to grapple with Vandal. To the sound of his fans' encouragement, El Físico rose to his full stature, flexed his bulging muscles, and charged the misshapen anthropoid. Fur and neutrinos flew about the auditorium as they flipped each other about the ring. Just as El Físico nearly had him pinned, however, the malodorous slop exuded by the man ape allowed him to slip out of The Physicist's grasp. El Físico took the opportunity to wipe himself clean and catch his breath. When he looked up again, Vandal had leapt from the highest ropes, brandishing a folding chair, and was descending upon The Children's Hero, ready to smite him to the ground!

Will Evil win out over Good? Will Truth! Science! and Fair Play! prevail? The only way to find out is to read Death Trap at La Puente in its entirety! available for only $5 postage paid! Send check or money order for $5, made out to Kurt Brown, to: Viva la Lucha, P.O. Box 937, Brea, Calif 92822, or contact Hermester Barrington for more information.

Or: buy it from Barnes & Noble

© 2005 Hermes Trismegistus "Hermester" Barrington

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