Why  go to a therapist?


People often consider therapy for reasons such as: 

  • They feel sad, anxious, stressed or discouraged about their lives
  • They find it difficult to function well
  • They have difficulties with family or work relationships
  • They want to grow and make better choices for themselves and they want a therapist to guide them with this process

Therapy is an opportunity to get to know yourself in a compassionate and loving way and to learn to re-integrate parts of yourself that you find undesirable and to  change negative patterns or behaviours.

 What is Transpersonal Therapy?

 Transpersonal therapy encompasses the individual’s spiritual journey as part of the therapy. This therapy helps you to grow and develop a healthy and strong ego.  At the same time, you can connect with your inner Self, the divine part of yourself and act out of that essence.   To be truly integrated and whole, we need to connect to Spirit.

 By connecting body, mind and spirit, we are able to create wholeness and healing.

 Through individual therapy, I can guide you in dealing with:



         Relationship difficulties

         Overwhelming sadness or Grief


         Mid-life crisis or other major changes in your life


I offer a variety of approaches such as:

         Gestalt techniques: Focus on the "here and now".  Learn to be aware of your behaviour/feelings and to  change the way you relate to others and yourself through "chair" work.  Through insight and awareness and taking responsibility for your choices, you understand what your needs are, how to get them met , how to resolve conflicts and give yourself self-support.

        Body/energy work: Movement, relaxation, deep breathing exercises and Reiki (gentle hands-on healing) to connect body/mind/spirit.

        Focusing:  Learning to connect with the body’s wisdom (physical sensations) as well as, feelings, thoughts and memories to experience changes in your life.

        Meditation and Creative Visualization: Helps you focus, relax and connect with your inner Self and the Divine.

        Dream work: Looking at your dreams to understand and resolve issues.

         Voice: Gain power and energy in expressing yourself.         

 You will receive support and encouragement to work through your issues/problems in a safe environment so that you can lead a healthy and fulfilling life in contact with others.  All sessions are confidential.

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