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Greetings and welcome A/all to chat's links within The Decadent Realm ... and yes ... it was well and truly time for a face lift ... so here it is ... all pages are still here ... however some also have had minor changes made but essentially they have been left untouched ...


i have added a few new pages to the site and i do hope Y/you enjoy them as i have enjoyed making them ... be well and play safe ...

chat :)

March 2002 update ... there may be some links which are currently unavailable due to site maintenance ... i hope to have them working again as soon as possible ... lidia .... 



Chattin' By Moonlight
Chattin' By Starlight
Just Chattin'
Still Chattin'
Always Chattin'
Forever Chattin'
Tenderly Chattin'
Chattin' with a Cowboy

Chattin' with my Angel

Bed Of Roses
Turn The Page
From This Moment
On My Own
Home Ain't Where His Heart Is
Strong Enough
By my Side
All I Ask of Y/you
Eternal Offerings
Sex Me
Thrill Me
Just Wanna
Realm of Master Rex
Stormcrows Inn
If You're Gone
The Olive Tree
Papa's Place
Stefani's Place
Original Sin
Out of Reach
Pleased to meet You




Friends Pages ... these are well worth a visit ... thankyou charlee and gentle ... 

charlee's links
gentle's links
Secret Garden of Erotic Delight

The Secret Garden of Erotic Delight is a new link added March 2002 that i really hope visitors will enjoy ... it has stories which are D/s related and were written by a talented lady by the name of Cat who has been gracious enough to share them here with U/us at the Decadent Realm ...




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