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As you probably recall from Genesis chapter one in The HOLY BIBLE, God the Creator's original intention for humanity of both genders was to have a worldwide population completely NAKED at all times EVERYWHERE throughout their ENTIRE lives.....without them knowing nor realizing that they were naked.

The recognition of nudity as nudity, the occurrence of shame associated with that nudity, and the covering with clothes related to that shame...was a mortal phenomenon imposed not by the LORD but nevertheless allowed and then even encouraged by Him. It is not that the Almighty changed His mind about the original full-time complete nakedness He initially designed, but the imposed factor of sinful disobedience and all the consequences brought that into being.

Holy Scripture (both the Old and New Testament) are full of sexually- oriented verses and passages both regarding and concerning being fully, partially, and not clothed in public and in private and both.

Prophecy is not specific about such things in heaven, although the implications are that the natural appreciation of and disdain against human nudity of and by both sexes will be replaced with something better (hard to imagine!) although the totally of what actually will be is not - of course - elaborated upon in the limited confines of the Sacred 66.

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For men, it is not hard to imagine the references to numerous wives and concubines in the Bible, and the variety of nude females logically and invaribly associated with such. An important point to remember is that wives and concubines were not whores, prostitutes, public stripperesses, masseuse/escort harlots, etc. belonging to and exposing themselves to more than the ONE man they called their HUSBAND.

Years ago, when pioneer pilgrim puritans ruled the territories, the general public modesty in dress of women was compensated for with large families created through intense and much appreciated total private- bedroom mutual nudity between spouses. In our modern times, lamentably, indecent perverts and pervertesses (especially during summertime) roam rampant as PORN-in-motion live-person sex objects to be accidently seen, abhorred, and despised as lewdly-depraved, gutter-mind exhibitionists: with their occasional OR consistent LOOSE long-haired mopheadedness, sleevelessness, nude legs exposed with shorts, shortened skirts, and swimwear, and toe-exposing sandals or worse.

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