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Accidents Will Happen!
I downloaded the episode and I have the link to download, screen caps, and a decription! Click to see.

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A Special thanks to Andrew who helped with some material on the site.

First Annual Awards!
It's finally here! Nominate your favorite Degrassi moments for each category. Voting starts October 31 and the winners are announced November 31! Click here to nominate.

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Hey all~~
I'm the new owner and I am so happy to FINALLY have things up and running. I've been experiencing some difficulties but is finally complete. Thanks for your patience. I am the former owner of and I am excited to be hosting in a new location. I hope you enjoy all the new stuff and improved old stuff. I have a fun thing called Fan-tastics where you can send in almost anything you want, like episode reveiws, cool pics, etc. It'll be lots of fun, so check it out! Make sure you tell your Degrassi-Freak friends about this site. The more the merrier, right? Also be sure to nominate all your favorite Degrassi moments so we can start voting! Have fun and stay cool!
PS: If you have something to send in (fanfics, fantastics, etc) go to the Contact Page. Please don't email me.

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