First State 4x4 Club
Welcome to First State 4x4

This website was designed to generate any interest in forming an Offroad Club in New Castle County, Delaware. Our intentions are to develope a club that not only goes on Trail Rides but will also go on multiple outdoor activities in a family atmosphere.
Camping, Rafting, Cookouts, etc., are a few ideas in addition to going to Mud Races, Trail Rides, Shows and events.

This club in not intended to be an exclusive club by make or model but rather a club for people to get together and have fun.
We encourage families to join.

This club is intended for Responsible Offroad/Outdoor Activities and fun for the whole family. If you are interested in joining please fill in your details on the join page or if you need more information about our club, please contact either John Hewitt or Andre Breton or leave a message on our site email