Hey, thanks for stopping by!
I live in Vancouver, BC.
(I'm originally from Moose Jaw, Sk...
yes, there really is a place called Moose Jaw!)

I'm artistic, musical, creative, spontaneous,
loyal to a fault, moody, passionate, optimistic
and humble cough!...
on the other hand I tend to be
really hard on myself at times. :-)

I'm easily amused... I love God but not
necessarily organized religion (if you catch my drift).
I love old junk and collect old books and photographs.
I do volunteer work (mostly with street kids)...
I shop too much... I get bored easily...
I love art, good music and funky shoes...
I love the ocean (it's so peaceful...)

I'm a non-conformist and tend to buck the system.
Your intellect and character will impress me
far more than your outward appearance ever will.
Feisty to the core, I'll torment you to death
if you get on my nerves, hehe ...

I love people who inspire me ...
I detest racism and dislike fakers.
I adore dogs... I never hold grudges,
and try not to sweat the small stuff...

I'm addicted to Baskin Robbins ice cream. my favorite color is wine/burgundy.
I wear Organza perfume by Givenchy...
I luv to cook! (I rock in the kitchen... just ask my pooch!)

I love people who aren't afraid
to show their quirks once in a while.
Shows you're human!







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All Rights Reserved.