Rainbow Fairies Home in the Glade <BGSOUND SRC="sillysng.mid" LOOP=INFINITE>
As your Den Fairy I promise to follow the code:

1   Always be a secert!!

2   Stay out of Mischeif(I will try my best anyway)

3   Treat people with generosity

4   Look out for the other faries and elves

5   Keep stock in the biscuit companies

6   Own a doughnut shop(mmmm the best part of being a fairy)

7   Never fly after eating 20 doughnuts

8   Keep enough tea and coffee for visitors

9   Don't ever forget my fairy dust or Mamma Misker will swat me.

10   Always remember to dust the wonderful members of Miskersden
This was given to me by Mary Jane
of Janes Hideaway
This was given to me from a special friend.  Thank you Honey Due
Hello Welcome to my home in the glade.  I am known as Rainbow Fairy.
I flutter around spreading
smile and hugs to all.
I never leave home wiff out my Fairy Dust cause if I do Mama Misker will get after me wiff her flywatter and you don't ever want to see that.
This is Misker she is the founder of the Den.  She had a dream of making a place on the web where everyone was a family they treat everyone wiff love and respect. Well her dream came true with Miskers Den everyone in the group is as loving as she is and is always will to help the other.
Great job Mama Misker!!!