The world of Achelous
picture of me

The world of Achelous

picture of me

This page collects some of my private pics and some pics originally referenced within the german speaking discussion board of the german wetlook magazin Nasse Klamotten. It is dedicated to the beauty of women in wet clothes. You will not find any nudity or porn here, just fully clothed women wearing ordinary street clothes and getting wet with pure, clean water.

Winterdress (long woolen dress, pantyhose and shoes in a river)NEW! 30 Mar 04
Jeans in the lake (long jeans and shoes)NEW! 30 Mar 04
Wet 'n' freeze (A winter swim in the lake, jeans and long sheeved t-shirt)
At the Campus (candit pics, misc. clothes)
Lady in white (long white dress)
Jeans in the waterfall (long blue jeans and a top)
A waterfall in thailand (skirts, jeans, t-shirts)
Let's take a shower! (short black skirt and pantyhose)
Playing in the pool (black dress)
In the pool (from the german TV show 'Peep!')

Updated 30 Mar 04 (added Jeans in the lake and Winterdress)
Updated 04 Feb 04 (added wet'n'freeze)
Updated 15 May 02 (only technical reorganisation, no new pics. I hope to reduce the downtime by splitting this site into to accounts)
Updated 08 May 02 (reduced bandwith consumtion)
Updated 26 May 01 (new campus page)
Updated 10 July 99 (3 new thailand pages)
Updated 22 July 98 (new pool page, new OSWT shortcut)
Created 10 July 98

My favorits

I like most pics of females getting wet in their ordinary every-day clothing. So the pics made by Eric are nearly the best stuff you can find on the net.

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