I drew this picture of the Simpson's, it's one of my favorite pictures I drew. First I drew them then I scanned them on my computer and got rid of the eraser marks and then put color in it. click on it to see it up close.



                               Stuff About Me

                                This website is all about me and my life.

 My name is Derek, I 'm in grade 7 and I have lots of good friends

 I don't really like school much but hey if I didn't come than I wouldn't be making this website.

For pets I got 2 dogs 2 cats and 3 fish. My cat's name is Slipper I've had her since I was 4. I sometimes wonder why I named my cat slipper but o well.

 I was in kung fu for about 7 years but I quit before I could get my black belt cause it was getting kind of boring to me. Now I'm in guitar and it's awesome and I have the best teacher to.

      I would write more but I don't some creep  to now ALL about me so this all your going to know.