C.E.P. Derma Blend Ltd. Clinical Electropigmentation

C.E.P. Derma Blend Ltd. Clinical Electropigmentation

Permanent Corrective Cosmetic Enhancement & Non-Surgical Feature Sculpturing.


Permanent enhancement & reconstruction of the eyebrows, eyelid enhancement (Eyelash Magnimizer), lip contouring and reshaping, Derma Blending Camouflage for: scars, burns, port wine stains, vitiligo, areola repigmentation following mastectomy.


Formerly located in McKenzie Professional Center

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Permanent Make-up/Pigmentation Training Offered

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Derma Blend Clinic offers the following treatments:

- Eyebrows - full colour or hair simulation and restoration
- Lips - line or full lip colour and reconstruction
- Eyeliner - soft & natural, or a dramatic look

Other options:
- Camouflage surgical scars, injuries or burns, vitiligo (port wine stains), and stretch marks
- Restore the appearance of areolas following masectomy

- Broken capillaries or spider veins
- Skin tags
- Age spots
- Whiteheads

- Smooth fine lines and wrinkles.
- Diminish acne scars, skin graft scars, and hypotrophic scars
- Restore natural pigmentation

- Permanent hair removal


Clinical Electropigmentation bridges the gap between Plastic Surgery and corrective cosmetic non-surgical techniques that can make dramatic improvements to both the face and body.

Electropigmentation is a registered anatomical procedure that offers men and women visibly different options in the search for a more positive appearance. A gentle insertion technique places gamma sterilized pigments precisely into the shallow dermis region of the skin to correct and enhance an existing feature. This process is known as Feature Sculpting.

Because the process is virtually trauma free, bruising, swelling and discomfort during the procedure is almost never experienced. Most patients compare Electropigmentation to a mild electrolysis treatment.

All procedures are performed by board certified electrologists and certified clinical electropigmentologists. A pre-evaluation consultation is scheduled during which an oculofacial morphology (the balanced relationship of one feature to another) work-up is performed to determine the realistic options of permanent cosmetic enhancement that might be achieved.

A pigment test is performed to rule out any sensitivity to the pigment selected for your procedure. Generally two procedures are scheduled to complete the process of creating a newly enhanced feature. This graduated process insures longevity of the pigment in the tissue and prevents fading as well as allowing the patient the option to dramatize the original result during the second procedure.

For many patients, the desired result is achieved in the first procedure. Patients usually feel confident enough to return to work the day of the procedure.

The immediate post treatment look will appear 15-20% darker than the final natural result, generally seen within 3 to 5 days.


The camouflage techniques performed in our clinic affords the patient many recovery options. Fine post surgical scars can be obliterated. Vitiligo, stretch marks, and port wine stains (following laser intervention) are naturally blended to match the surrounding skin tones. Because flat one-colour shading is not performed, responsible tanning of the skin is not problematic. The camouflaged tissue responds in much the same manner as the natural tissue to sunlight. Areola repigmentation following mastectomy surgery skillfully matches the natural breast. Matched skin-toned pigments can be implanted around an excessively full or unattractive mouth to transform the feature, resulting in a more attractive mouth shape. Hypertrophic (uneven) skin is often more successfully blended to conceal the "pitted" appearance. Hyperpigmented skin (liver spots, freckles and large areas of brown birthmarks) are best treated by laser therapy. Each case is evaluated independently.


Eyebrow Enhancement ImageStructurally speaking, the eyebrows are the frame for the face. Electropigmentation is performed on the brows to simulate individual brow hairs. Three shades are selected to provide a true natural brow reconstruction. Natural hair that grows in a lateral pattern often causes a harsh appearance to the features, but brow enhancement can uplift the brow by intermingling upward-patterned hairs amidst the natural growth. Alopecia (loss of hair) patients also benefit from total brow reconstruction.

Every procedure is anatomically assessed to insure that a ptotic (drooping) brow is pigmented correctively while not compromising the patient’s future options for cosmetic surgery. Many times it may be beneficial to perform a cosmetic surgical brow lift and brow reconstruction at the same time. Your surgeon and electropigmentologist can work together in these cases.


Eyelid Pigmentation ImageOur revolutionary EYELASH MAGNIMIZER technique replaces the age old art of permanent "eyeliner" on the eyelid. Generally there are three rows of eyelashes on the top eyelid and one to two rows on the bottom eyelid. The HDI or hair density growth will vary from patient to patient, accounting for some individuals having lush natural growth and others having a thin or sparse lash appearance.

Standard "permanent eyeliner" is not effective in naturally enhancing the eyelashes because focus is placed on a brash liner rather than increased lash appearance. Additionally, improper placement of an "eyeliner" often prevents a patient from electing to have an eyelift surgery performed later in life. Electropigmentation procedure places the pigment between each row of lashes, careful to never invade a lash follicle. Skillful anatomical placement of the pigment insures against eyelash loss that commonly occurs in tattoo type eyeliner application. Natural lash regeneration is frequently experienced by stimulation of the hair follicle, often resulting in increased natural hair growth in addition to cosmetically creating a thicker, darker lash result.

Eyelash magnimizer benefits male patients as well. Tiny simulated lashes are implanted to bolster sparse or light eyelashes. This technique is truly "fool the eye" natural. No one will ever know that you were not born with magnificent eyes!


Lip Enhancement and Reconstruction ImageWe need only to look at the beautifully sculpted lip shape of a child to appreciate natural lip contour. Fat or collagen injections are beneficial in puffing out the natural existing shape, and generally these treatments have excellent results. However, feature sculpting is not limited to the existing lip shape; therefore, the natural outline and mouth contour can be totally reconstructed. A beautiful cupid’s bow can be created where none existed and significant fullness can be added to both the outer lip context and interior mouth contour.

Male patients also benefit from lip contouring. Exact natural vermillion colour is matched to the patient’s lips. Fullness and form can be added to transform a thin or weak mouth into a ruggedly handsome feature.

After 35, the lip shape begins the natural aging process and loses definition. Lip contouring provides a more youthful and attractive appearance permanently to the mouth. So natural is the transformation that patients generally relate that their closest friends cannot put their finger on what the evident change is. "You look great, what have you done?" is a common response.


Permanent removal of unwanted hair, for men and women. Medically and FDA approved.


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