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Mainframe Software Architect

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Senior Software Engineer

Senior Systems Engineer

I am a freelance IT consultant.  My focus is in IBM mainframe system-level software development.  I am an architect, engineer, designer and developer of some mainframe system-level software for both commercial products and freeware since 1985.   My current project is developing and enhancing my own systems software products, zJOS-XDI, an integrated solution for z/OS total automation (EMS and workload scheduling).  

As a freelance, I also available for hire in any mainframe project.   However, as a system-level software engineer/developer with major expertise in OS  internals and assembler, I would more benefit to be hired in system-level software development related project in SCP area of z/OS (MVS, JES, TSO, SSI, DIV, dataspace, hyperspace, DFSMS, CICS etc.), z/VM (CMS, GCS, DCSS, etc.), z/Networking (VTAM, TCP/IP, IUCV, VMCF etc.), and even native, preemptive or stand-alone programming, and OS interface for language processor.   Besides, I also available to supply  mainframe HR.  Kindly check out my available services in mainframe freelance fields.   

In non-IT scope, my activities are in agroindustry.   Not many record i earned in this sector.    The only once i got so far, i have successfully developed semi traditional distillation machine to extract patchouli essential oil.   This machine needs only 6 hours to complete distillation process which normally about 10 to 12 hours.   Unfortunately, patchouli oil business is very unstable in local market.  



Special Records

zJOS-XDI(R) is a modern integrated mainframe automation solution package.   zJOS-XDI consists of 3 products, Sekar to automate actions against any system event, Puspa to automate workloads scheduling and AutoXfer to automate spool/report files distribution from mainframe to workstation computers.   On networked mainframes environment, combined Sekar and Puspa provide an integrated automation solution.  Event on any host can trigger actions on several hosts.   A job on any host can be triggered by several job events on several hosts.    All are manages centrally.   Such functions are very competitive against any other automation solution products in the world.  Since in fact only few independent software vendors (ISV) provide such solution, zJOS-XDI supposed to be very strategic products. 

Although zJOS-XDI package is a proven solution and look like a complete marketable product, it still needs some enhancement.   Based on my original plan, zJOS-XDI is not just an integrated solution for mainframes.  Rather its design is for enterprise environment.   By using agent technology i have completely prepared, zJOS-XDI is actually very potential to handle non-mainframe platforms to work integrally with mainframe servers in the enterprise environment.   By completing with Linux, OS/400, Unix and Windows agents, I believe zJOS-XDI will have much better future.  In fact, zJOS-XDI has been proven in 2 times benchmark against 2 famous vendors in Jakarta.  zJOS-XDI has a step ahead in scheduling method and automation scripting.   In workload scheduling method, zJOS-XDI uses workload pipelining and flexible CC multiple test to allow users draw their own workload schedule and recovery flows much more efficient and exactly as what they want.   In automation scripting, zJOS-XDI optionally allows users to program all possible event/actions scenario in a single Rexx module.   For users who don't like scripting, zJOS-XDI also offers total events automation without scripting.    Should you curious to prove it, please kindly download this demo and install it on your z/OS system.   Follow provided manuals to have it properly setup.   

Although in industry side is handled by individual corporation, which is I, currently zJOS-XDI is marketed locally in Indonesia by PT Sumbersolusindo Hitech and being evaluated in 3 of 6 mainframe sites in Jakarta.   Even in one of them is already in production system.   

As there are only 6 mainframe sites in Indonesia and only 3 of them which potentially targetable for zJOS-XDI, I don't see any good prospect for zJOS-XDI in Indonesia.   Since its launching in 2006, zJOS-XDI was proven that 3 of 6 mainframe sites are very interested.   Unfortunately, they also doubt for zJOS-XDI long term support as it has no corporate guarantee, since the only way I can manage it, is as an individual business.   To extend its business way as well as R&D team and facilities, need serious investment.   Even if all 6 sites become licensed users, total earned revenue won't suitable to setup "brand image" as they expect.   Therefore, the only way for zJOS-XDI to have good future, is either by partnership with or totally acquired by a solid software vendor who already have marketplace.   If you are interested to have sharing ownership or completely purchase zJOS-XDI, please let me know. You are very welcome!  Please send email to me or call me.



Skill Records

Systems Software Development:

With quite in-depth knowledge in system internal/architectural logic, I have proven capabilities in area of machine-level programming for any function of systems software development.   My special records above is one of proven evident.  More supporting  evident can be found in my intellectual records and my freeware site.  Below is a list of systems areas on which i have developed software 
  1. z/OS (MVS):  Subsystem interface (SSI), system nucleus, SVC, cross-memory, dataspace, DIV, JES2, VTAM, rexx function package, IP socket, TSO,  ISPF etc.    
  2. VM (SP, HPO and  XA):  CP nucleus, Hipervisor call, SVC, CMS nucleus, CMS nucleus extension, IUCV, VMCF, GCS, rexx function package etc. 
  3. Standalone:  FLIH, SLIH and  I/O, 3270 data-stream etc.  


  Systems Engineering:

The following is a list of my record in systems engineering area: 
  1. Systems programming - develop or deploy system control program to comply user's specific requirements. 
  2. Capacity &  Performance Evaluation (CPE) - evaluate and analyze system performance. The result of CPE will be used for fine tuning and in certain period for next capacity plan. This supported by my expertise on statistics, queuing and experimental design methods.
  3. System design - picture the design of infrastructure and/or system configuration (h/w and s/w) based on result of CPE and outside assessment in both technology trends and business aspects. 
  4. Technical support and systems administration - just day to day ordinary routines.
Programming Languages:

Computer language i use in my main activities are: 
  1. Assembler (advanced) for Mainframe S/390 dan S/370.  Since BCP is my main area, assembly is my main tool to do build, fix or enhance system functions.
  2. Rexx (Standard and OPS/Rexx).  Rexx is my 2nd tool to generate some system procedure routines.   
  3. Other languages: Fortran, COBOL, PL/1, Pascal, C and Basic. 


  Operating Systems:

OS i use in my current and past main activities: 
  1. MVS series:  Currently z/OS and OS/390.  In the past were MVS/ESA and MVS/XA
  2. VM series Currently is nothing.  In the past were VM/XA, VM/HPO and VM/SP
3rd Party Products:
expert level only records)

1.  CA-OPS/MVS-II (Automation/Event Management)
2.  CA-SysView/E (MVS & CICS Performance Monitoring)
3.  CA-NetSpy (SNA Network monitoring)
4.  CA-ACF2 (Security Services)
5.  CA-1/TMS (Tape Management System)




Experience Records

  Freelance IT Consultant
Independent Mainframe Engineer and Instructor


2004 - Jan 2005  On behalf of PT. SDD

* Tune existing BNI system and plan capacity to accommodate business growth in 2005. 
*  Hands on SDD staffs. 

2003 - present:  On behalf of PT. Agrisoft

* Setup some CA products on BNI DRC system
*  Assessment to predict future IT in banking industry in Indonesia.

1997 - 2002:  On behalf of Computer Associates, pte., ltd.

*  Deployed and setup automation system and event management on enterprise system fields in some customers in Indonesia and Malaysia.   One and major thing on automation is system states management (SSM).    I collected some unrestricted
SSM projects and declared as freeware for public. 

*  Setup mainframe/large system performance management in some customers in Indonesia and Phillipines.

* Setup mainframe/large system security, storage management and some network utilities in some local clients

*  Developed interface to couple CA-Xcom to CA-Dispatch to replace original transmitter function.  This reengineering was done via OS/390 JES2 subsystem interface (SSI).   I named it
XDI and declared it as a freeware for public.  

1996 - 1997:  On behalf of PT. Eddosco and Jakarta IT ProClub

*  Participated on some works in Police Departement Information System in order to review and increase their VSAT and telephony networks. 

*  Developed Environmental System Procedures

PT. Swadharma Duta Data (SDD)
Senior System Engineering Specialist

Jakarta,Jakarta Metropolitan, Indonesia
1989 - 1996

Developed MVS Output Management System named SSRF (Spool Splitter &  Router Facility) to manage and distribute BNI reports (from MVS, VSE and VM) to all BNI branch offices. SSRF was a set of MVS, VTAM, TSO, JES2, CP, CMS, GCS and IUCV proccesses, was built from zero.

*  Developed S/390 Configuration Tester, TEST/390. This program was a standalone program which has its own bootstrap processing and FLIH for all interrupt types, so doesn't need operating system to run.

*  Developed some TSO, JES2 and subsystem command processors to handle some necessary processes, such as TIOT update-in-place, MVS-VM messaging, TSO/MVS-VM/CMS/GCS command propagation, VM-MVS spool tranparency using SSI and X-writter (used by SSRF), e.t.c.    One of them I can safe before BNI replaced her system to PC (SCO-Unix) based system is
CCAT command processor, then I declared it as a freeware for public.  

*  Developed some VTAM and JES2 programs as alternate way of the above MVS-VM handshaking commands and msgs, mainly when GCS is involved.   One of them,
MVS-ro-VM spool offloader by the time was considered as a unique discovery and published in MVS Update bulletin on June 1991 issue by Xephon.   

*  Managed BNI systems capacity and performance.

*  Performed BNI systems upgrades and regenerations.

*  Backed up and trained junior engineers.
  PT. Nasindo Aksara System
NAS/Hitachi Systems Engineer

Jakarta,Jakarta Metropolitan, Indonesia
1987 - 1989

-  Performed some NAS/Hitachi system installation in some clients in Indonesia.
-  Performed some maintenance support in some clients in Indonesia.
-  Performed some technical training in some clilents in Indonesia.
  PT. Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI)
Systems Engineer

Jakarta,Jakarta Metropolitan, Indonesia
1986 - 1987

-  Developed VM Total Automation System named SPICO.
-  Developed some CMS and CP command processors to handle some process  in CMS, in CP, inter v.m., inter CMS-GCS and inter CMS-VSE.



Intellectual Records

As an IT player with more than 20 years experience, certainly i have a number records. `Some can be categorized as intellectual records. which are 2 major areas: 

Systems solution software

During more than 20 years, a lot of systems software products have been made, include tens of local utilities, command processors, exit routines, some interface, some local subsystems functions, and even solution products.  Most of them were gone, because they were kept in legacy tapes and/or floppies which no longer supported.  Only few of them can be rescued and currently are placed in freeware page in this site and CBT as file 535 and 536.

Regardless they were rescued, three of them were solution products where each provides a solid set of functions to establish a unique mechanism for certain system management.   There are listed below together with 3 zJOS-XDI products.  


To complete my intellectual contribution, i wrote some article in many IT bulletines.  In 1995 i wrote 3 mainframe books explaining detail about mainframe architecture and technology in both theoretical and practical aspects.  


Systems Software Development

1 zJOS/Sekar 
  Package zJOS-XDI
Function Integrated event manager solution
A subsystem with a set of service routines to intercept system events and execute user's defined action or set of actions.  In a networked z/OS and/or OS/390 hosts, users can define actions on certain host to be triggered by occurrence of event on either the same or other host in the network.  
Author Deru Sudibyo
Copyright Deru Sudibyo
Platform z/OS, OS/390, TCP/IP
First released 2004
2 zJOS/Puspa
  Package zJOS-XDI
Function Integrated automatic job scheduler solution
A subsystem with a set of service routines to manage JES2-based jobs scheduling.  It intercepts job and job step status information to trigger other (successor) job in user's defined schedule flow.    In a networked z/OS and/or OS/390 hosts, Puspa capable to intercept job and job step status information on any host runs zJOS Agent.  This means, each scheduled job in Puspa can have predecessors and successors on any combined hosts.  Hence, users can define schedule crossing inter hosts in the network.  
Author Deru Sudibyo
Copyright Deru Sudibyo
Platform z/OS, OS/390, JES2, TCP/IP
First released 2005


  Package zJOS-XDI
Function Automatic spool files distribution
A set of service routines and JES2 SSI application to intercept each spool file occurrence on user's specified spool classes and manage FTP job to download it onto user's defined recipients.   Distribution mechanism is based on user's defined hierarchy of destinations and recipients.   Each recipient represents a targeted computer. 
Author Deru Sudibyo
Copyright Deru Sudibyo
Platform z/OS, OS/390, JES2, TCP/IP
First released 2003
  Package SSRF
Function VM-MVS Output management system
A set of VM and VM/GCS service routines, VM/VTAM and MVS/VTAM applications and JES2 SSI application to manage MVS spool files on JES2 spool and VSE spool files on VM spool.   Both set of spool files (on VM and MVS) are transfered user's defined recipients via SNA network. 
Author Deru Sudibyo
Copyright PT SDD
First released 1990
  Package SIOPAT
Function System and I/O performance analysis tools
A set of statistical analysis routines combined with RMF and VMAP report reader routines to analyze MVS and VM performance information.   It results system and I/O performance reports.  Besides, it provides interactive tool to estimate capacity growth and simulate some tuning actions.  
Author Deru Sudibyo
Copyright Deru Sudibyo
Platform PC-DOS
First released 1987


  Package VM/SPICO
Function VM automated operation solution
A set of VM/CP and CMS service routines, VMCF and IUCV applications and VM/CMS nucleus extensions to intercept some system events (including all CMS users activities) to trigger user's defined set of actions.    
Author Deru Sudibyo
Copyright BRI
Platform VM/SP
First released 1986




Arsitektur & Teknologi Server ESA/390
(Architecture and Technology ESA/390 Server)


Comprehensive illustration of mainframe S/390 architecture  and technology for students, professionals and managers, or any one who need to know mainframe architecture and organization.  Materials include discussions about processors, memory, I/O, networking, operating systems, subsystem, primitive processing, multitasking, multiprogramming and multiprocessing techniques, bootstrap processing and network programming. 

Language: Bahasa Indonesia
Author:  Ir. Deru Sudibyo
Size: 700 pages. 
Publisher: PT Elex Media Komputindo


Panduan Assembler
(Assembler Guide

Complete guidance of mainframe S/390 advanced assembly coding, including assembler instructions and macro languages.

Language Bahasa Indonesia
Author: Ir. Deru Sudibyo & Ir. Husni Effendi
Size: 700 pages. 
Publisher: PT GTS - limited for professional education.


Teknik Dasar Systems Programming
(Principle of Systems Programming Technique)
  Scope: Explains mainframe S/390 architectural logic and programming techniques in practices, include interruption handling, bootstrap processing, I/O processing, primitive and medium level tasks management, SNA network programming and so forth.   Since all logics and algorithms are described in assembly language, hence reader must have assembly knowledge.  To work with provided exercise, reader must have enough assembly skill.   This book is targeted for mainframe engineers who interested to steep up their level to systems programming,   
Language Bahasa Indonesia
Author: Ir. Deru Sudibyo
Size: 1200 pages. 
Publisher: PT GTS -  limited for professional education.


Education Records

Education background

Graduated as "Sarjana Statistika Komputasi" on December 1984, majoring in computer science and applied statistics from Department. of Statistics and Computing Science (currently separated onto Dept. of Statistics and Dept. of Computer Science) with minor of applied microclimatology from Dept. of Agro-meteorology and applied engineering for agro-industry from Dept. of Agricultural Engineering, Bogor Agricultural University (IPB).   



My wife is Sari, and with her I have two daughters, Dewi and Dyah.   Dewi is 20 and she is learning computer science currently in 5th semester.   So far, her record in the university is not bad.   Dyah is 13 and in a junior high school.   She is still a good student which always in top one rank in the school.  She was even accelerated one year faster.   Her talent in math and her hobby in computer hopefully help her future.  Shown in the picture (from the left to right) Dyah, Sari and Dewi.  


Hobbies & Interests

My hobbies and interests include working on outdoor fields, farming, machinery, Javanese music (gendhing) and also interact with people in any social activities except for politics.  Computer programming is also my other hobby.  My side activities are kempo martial art and off-road (driving 4WD utility).  I am a member of black belt shorinji kempo club (yudansha kai).

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