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The Nahverteidigungswaffe - Vehicle Mountings

Interior view of a turret of a Befehls-Panther Ausf.A assembled at MAN in March 1944. The radio rack for the FuG 5 radio set is mounted in the right rear with the associated Umformer (rectifiers) mounted at the right front in place of the coaxial machinegun. The Nahverteidigungswaffe was mounted in the right rear turret roof.

Vehicle Mountings

The Nahverteidigungswaffe was mounted on the Tiger I, Panther, Jagd Panther, Tiger II, Jagdtiger, Sturmtiger, StuG III, Pzkpfw IV and other late war German Armored Fighting Vehicles from March 1944 on. The images below show some of these mounts.

Left: This picture is of the interior of the Tiger I (late) at Saumur (The French Armor Museum).  It shows the loader's hatch from below and behind.  At the very top of the image is the Nahverteidigungswaffe. Thanks to Jean-Charles for this photo

Right: Here is a nice shot of a late Tiger E turret from the rear  that clearly shows the location of the Nahverteidigungswaffeat the rear of the turret behind the loader's hatch.  This turret shows the other late production characteristics such as the the increased armor of the turret roof (now 40mm), the ventilation fan moved forward over the gun breech and the Prismenspiegelkuppel commander's cupola.  What is of particular interest in this shot is the Verschlu▀kappe shown in place. This was kept in the weapon normally to prevent rain water accumulation in the launch tube.This particular Tiger is located at Vimoutiers, Normandy

An internal view on the Nahverteidigungswaffe of a Tiger Ausf.B "Porsche turret" closed and opened.

The Nahverteidigungswaffe of the Tiger Ausf.B "Porsche-turret", closed with the armor plug and opened.

Left: The turret roof of Tiger Ausf.B (Fgst.Nr.280215, completed at Henschel on 2 September 1944) with the plug in the Nahverteidigungswaffe, the 40mm thick loader┤s hatch lid, and the commander┤s cupola bolted to the turret roof. One of the two stanchions, used for erecting the Regenschutz (canvas rain guard) over the commander┤s cupola, was welded between the periscope guards at 5 o┤clock. 

Right: Looking down the barrel of the Nahverteidigungswaffe at the recess for the cartridge and hole for the firing pin.

Left: The breech loaded Nahverteidigungswaffe of the Tiger I.

Right: Befehls-Panther Ausf.A (Fgst.Nr. 210767 completed at MAN on or about 19 February 1944) had the antenna for the FuG 5 radio set mounted in the right rear corner of the turret. The hole in the turret roof for mounting the Nahverteidigungswaffe was blanked off with standard circular plate secured with four bolts.

The DesertFox: Article: The Nahverteidigungswaffe

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